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DS200STCAG1A - TURBINE COMMUNICATION is available in stock which ships the same day.

DS200STCAG1A - TURBINE COMMUNICATION comes in UNUSED as well as REBUILT condition.

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Part Number: DS200STCAG1ABA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Turbine Communication Card

The printed circuit board DS200STCAG1ABA serves as a Turbine Communication card. General Electric designed and offered the PCB as a replacement part for its Mark V LM series. Replacements may be more difficult to come by now that the board has been designated as a legacy by the OEM. WOC works hard to keep this and other Speedtronic replacement parts (MK1-MK6) in stock so that we can better serve our global customers.

  • The DS200STCAG1ABA can be utilized in the Mark V system's R core as an IONET-specific master for I/O. An STCA board must be installed in each I/O core. Signals to the board come in through a variety of connectors, where they are conditioned before being written to the UCPB daughter board's I/O Engine.
  • The board is equipped with programmable hardware, including a JP2 jumper that enables factory testing. In addition, the JP4 jumper allows users to pick a voltage for flash EPROM device demands. It's also possible that software configuration is required. This covers compressor stalls, synchronization settings, and pulse rate constants. Please refer to the settings of the board you're replacing; it's best if your new board is configured to match those settings.
  • The DS200STCAG1ABA is commonly installed on top of other I/O control boards in the top slot, among the TCCA, TCQC, TCQE, TCQA, and TCCB. Within an enclosed cabinet, there are four I/O control options.
  • WOC's trusted and experienced sales team is available to assist you with all of your automation needs via phone or email. Please contact our office for pricing on the DS200STCAG1ABA or any other part or repair that you may require.

WOC stocks the largest Speedtronic Mark V control spares, and we can repair your faulty DS200STCAG1ABA with a warranty. WORLD OF CONTROLS can also provide unused and rebuilt DS200STCAG1ABA with a warranty.




What is DS200STCAG1ABA?

DS200STCAG1ABA is a printed circuit board DS200STCAG1ABA that serves as a Turbine Communication card.

Is DS200STCAG1ABA provided as a replacement part?

The PCB was designed by General Electric and provided as a replacement part for its Mark V LM series.

How to obtain DS200STCAG1ABA?

WOC offers unused and rebuilt DS200STCAG1ABA with a warranty.