DS200SDCIG1AFB - Power Supply Board

DS200SDCIG1AFB - Power Supply Board DS200SDCIG1AFB - Power Supply Board

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Part No.: DS200SDCIG1AFB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Temperature: 0 to 60 oC
Product Type: Power Supply Board
Availability: In Stock
Series: Drive Control

Functional Description

DS200SDCIG1AFB is a power supply board developed by GE. It is a part of the drive control system. DC2000 drives equipped with an SDCI board provide non-reversing, non-plugging (NRX) motor control. This functionality is crucial for applications where the motor operates in a single direction, eliminating the need for reversing or plugging operations. The design simplicity enhances reliability in applications requiring consistent, unidirectional motor operation.


  • The board comes in two versions, each catering to different field control needs. The SDCIG1 board offers internal 10 A NRX motor field control, making it suitable for applications that benefit from an integrated control solution. In contrast, the SDCIG2 board is designed to manage an external field supply, allowing for greater flexibility in systems where external control is preferred or required.
  • For internal 10A motor field control, the board includes several key features. It provides 15 A fused field outputs to ensure the safe and effective operation of the motor. A line reactor is incorporated to filter the field current, reducing electrical noise and enhancing performance stability. Additionally, the board contains both AC and DC snubber circuits, which protect against voltage spikes and transient conditions. Neon lights are used to indicate blown fuses, offering a clear and immediate visual alert to maintenance personnel. The field power module is mounted on the main controller heatsink, ensuring effective thermal management and reliable operation.
  • The board, used with external field supplies, omits the internal components found on the board. This version is designed to interface directly with external field exciter modules, providing precise control of the field current without the need for integrated control components. This design choice allows for greater flexibility and customization in systems that rely on external field control.
  • Field power is supplied either through fuses on the board or via an external field exciter module. The board uses a thyristor-diode bridge to control the field current, ensuring precise regulation and stability. In systems with an external field exciter module, a thyristor bridge is employed for field current control. This setup allows for consistent and reliable control across different configurations, whether internal or external.

Power Supply Circuits

The SDCI board features robust power supply circuits to meet diverse voltage requirements:

  • +5V DC, 4A
  • +15V DC, 0.4A
  • -24V DC
  • 115V AC, 0.4A

Field Power Circuitry and Current Monitoring

  • The G1 version of the SDCI board includes a field supply circuit capable of handling fields up to 10A. This circuitry encompasses driver circuits for armature SCR gating and circuits for monitoring various motor signals, including armature current and voltage, field current, and AC line currents and voltages.
  • The field power circuit integrated into the SDCIG1 board includes snubbers and a reactor to improve stability and protect against voltage spikes. Field power is input at stab terminals ACl through AC3, with the field current filtered by the reactor. Depending on the drive frame size, a 3-phase MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) may be attached to stab terminals MOV1 through MOV3. Fuses FU5 and FU6 protect the field outputs and MOV outputs, with neon lights LT5 and LT6 indicating blown fuses FU5 or FU6, respectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS200SDCIG1AFB?
It is a power supply board developed by GE under the Drive Control series.

How are the outputs of the power supplies protected?
The outputs of the power supplies are protected by fuses FU2 and FU3 (7A, 2AG). Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) CR51 and CR55 provide blown fuse indications for FU2 and FU3, respectively.

What are the voltage specifications for the power supply circuits on the board?
The power supply circuits on the board provide the following voltages- +5V DC (4A), +15V DC (0.4A), -24V DC, and 115V AC (0.4A).

What is the purpose of the field power circuitry and current monitoring features?
The field power circuitry and current monitoring feature on the board facilitate efficient power supply to the motor field. It includes driver circuits for armature SCR gating and circuits for monitoring various motor signals, ensuring optimal performance.