DS200SDCCG1AEC - Drive Control Board

DS200SDCCG1AEC - Drive Control Board DS200SDCCG1AEC - Drive Control Board

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Part No.: DS200SDCCG1AEC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Drive Control Card
Series: Mark V

The DS200SDCCG1AEC is a General Electric Mark V Drive Control Card. This GE Drive Control Board has three microprocessors and RAM that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple microprocessors. The hardware on the DS200SDCCG1AEC is adjustable and must be set correctly for each application. If a problem occurs, you can use a variety of tools to troubleshoot the board.

  • To begin, open the cabinet door and examine the board's LEDs. The 10 LEDs on the GE Drive Control Board DS200SDCCG1AEC are positioned in a row on the board.
  • When all of the LEDs in a row blink in unison, the board is in good working order. The LEDs flashing slowly indicate an error code ranging from 1 to 399. An error code between 400 and 1023 is indicated by the LEDs flashing rapidly.
  • On the board, there are test points. They're metal posts that can be probed with a tester to check signal pathways. Only a trained servicer can execute this procedure, and the testing equipment must be approved for the purpose and calibrated for the task.
  • You can also utilize the diagnostic tools on the drive as a diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tools are accessed through the control panel and produce a complete description of the performance of all of the drive's components.
  • If a problem is discovered that stems from the board, you can remedy the situation. Over a serial connection, the findings of the diagnostic can be downloaded from the disk to a laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200SDCCG1AEC?
The DS200SDCCG1AEC is a GE Mark V Drive Control Card.

What is the hardware configuration of the DS200SDCCG1AEC?
The hardware on the board is adjustable and must be set correctly for each application. The berg-type hardware jumpers on the module have a JP nomenclature, whereas the wire jumpers have a WJ nomenclature. 

What are the distinctions between the DS200SDCCG1AEC faults??
The faults are displayed differently on the module. Some error codes are displayed in BCD format, while others are displayed in binary format. Faults 1-399 have a sluggish blink rate, while faults 400-1023 have a quicker blink rate.

What is the procedure for resetting the DS200SDCCG1AEC?
There are four ways to reset - (1) By pushing the RESET button, (2) Applying +5 to +24 VDC to customer interface points on the STBA or NTB-3TB boards, (3) By generating a reset by programmed software control, (4) Automatically create a reset through internal hardware watchdog protection.

How can I obtain DS200SDCCG1AEC?
Contact World of Controls. DS200SDCCG1AEC boards and other turbine control parts are available from WOC.