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Part No.: DS200PTBAG1AAA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Terminal Board
Series: Mark V

DS200PTBAG1AAA is a terminnal board under GE Mark V series. This board is an advanced terminal board capable of monitoring the flame detectors, six Overspeed magnetic pickups, bus volts, generator current, and volts synchronizing, and protective inputs. It connects the P core to the outside. It has two terminal blocks with terminals for 72 signal wires each and three connectors, which are of ten pins.

  • The IDs for the 10-pin connectors are JJR, JJT, and JJS, and are labeled on the board.
  • Six signal cables can be connected using the additional termination points.
  • As there are so many signal wires and ribbon cables that link to the board, it's advisable to sketch down where the signal wires connect and plan to connect them to the identical connectors on the new board.
  • There could be significant downtime and lost production if the signal wires are not connected to the same terminals. The site's activities will be disrupted, and productivity will suffer as a result. To avoid this, inspect the old board on the drive while all of the signal and ribbon cables are still connected, and use the terminal ID to identify where the signal wires are connected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is DS200PTBAG1AAA?
DS200PTBAG1AAA is a GE Termination Board developed by General Electric.

How many terminal blocks are there in DS200PTBAG1AAA?
On the board, there are two terminal blocks.

How can I get DS200PTBAG1AAA?
Contact World of Controls. DS200PTBAG1AAA boards and other turbine control parts are available from WOC.