DS200PCCAG7ACB - DC Power Connect Board

DS200PCCAG7ACB - DC Power Connect Board DS200PCCAG7ACB - DC Power Connect Board

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Part No.: DS200PCCAG7ACB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power Connect Card
Series: Mark V

DS200PCCAG7ACB is a Direct Current Power Connect Card developed by General Electric under the Mark V series. It connects the drive to the SCR power bridge and acts as an interface. When you take the drive offline to replace the board, it's recommended to undertake routine maintenance on it as well. As a result, you can use the downtime to keep the drive-in in good operating order and avoid having to plan another repair appointment.

  • If the board is not performing as expected, it must be replaced. Because some parts on the board are not repairable. The drive is built to have a long service life and only requires minimum maintenance. You can inspect the motor for dust and debris when the drive is turned off. Using a cleaning cloth and mild cleaners, clean the motor and all components. Use mild cleansers to avoid corroding connections, connectors, or solder points.
  • The next step is to tug on all of the wires and cables to make sure they are securely attached. Inspect the cables for fraying, wear, and damaged insulation as well. Any loose cables should be tightened. Make sure the cables fit the torque tightening parameters by consulting the torque tightening instructions. A sticker on the drive contains the torque tightening parameters.
  • Manually spin the motor and search for indicators that it is spinning freely. Spin the motor backward as well. Tighten all of the bolts that hold the motor in place with a wrench.
  • General information about the card can be accessed from GEI-100161 Manual. Rather than providing complete instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance, this handbook gives a functional description of the component, application data, and information on warranty renewal and replacement. This document is useful for recognizing hardware, jumpers, and connectors, as well as for gaining a broad grasp of the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200PCCAG7ACB?
DS200PCCAG7ACB is a DC Power Connect Card developed by General Electric under the Mark V series.

On the DS200PCCAG7ACB, where are jumpers JP1 and JP2 connected?
Jumpers JP1 and JP2 on the board must be linked to the right stab terminals P3-P10.

On the DS200PCCAG7ACB, what does pin 5PL-1 do?
A6F nomenclature is used to identify pin 5PL-1. This connector powers the gate pulse transformer in cell 6F.

What are the snubbers on the DS200PCCAG7ACB?
The component features connectors for both AC and DC snubber capacitors.

From which Manual could I get more information on DS200PCCAG7ACB?
From the Manual GEI-100161 you can get more information, or else contact WOC team for more information.