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Part Number: DS200PCCAG5ACB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Power Connect Card

GE Speedtronic Mark V DS200PCCAG5ACB is a Drive System Power Board also known as a Power Connect Card (PCCA). The DS200PCCAG5ACB was designed to connect an SCR power bridge to the drive's control circuitry. This is accomplished by employing pulse transformers to feed the gate drive to the SCR bridge. Because it has removed all of its snubbers and relocated them elsewhere in the system, this board is designated as a high horsepower PCCA and should be used with high HP controllers.

  • This board does not have snubbers, and it also does not use an attenuation string.
  • The PCCA has 12 plug connectors that can be used to provide gate pulse signals to the SCR bridge in both forward and reverse directions. Another of its plug connectors can be used to communicate with the power supply board.
  • A DCFB-type power supply board should be used with this system. Leg reactors and fuses are also used in this PCCA. It makes use of either independent or shared bus transformers. A total of four wire jumpers are used in the DS200PCCAG5ACB. WP4, WP3, JP2, and JP1 are the labels for these.
  • This board is positioned directly behind the drive control board, which is in turn located directly behind the power supply board. These two boards are used to secure the PCCA to the backside of a board carrier. It is held in place in the carrier by six plastic holders.

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What is the link between the DS200PCCAG5ACB and the DCFB board's pin 5PL-10 I/O?

The P24 nomenclature on board identifies the 5PL-10 I/O connection between DS200PCCAG5ACB and the DCFB board. This board connection denotes a +24 volt output.

Is there an attenuation string on the DS200PCCAG5ACB?

No, neither the attenuation string nor the snubbers on the board are present. Because DS200PCCAG5ACB is a G5 board group, this is the case. There are no attenuation strings or snubbers in the G5 and G6 PCCA groups, including DS200PCCAG5ACB.

DS200PCCAG5ACB has how many wire jumpers?

There are four wire jumpers on the board. JP1, JP2, WP3, and WP4 are the jumpers and, the jumpers control the system voltage.

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