DS200IMCPG1C - Power Supply Interface Board

DS200IMCPG1C - Power Supply Interface Board DS200IMCPG1C - Power Supply Interface Board

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Part No: DS200IMCPG1C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power Supply Interface Board
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

DS200IMCPG1C is an IAC2000I Power Supply Interface Board developed by General Electric under the Mark V series. This Power Supply Interface Board is designed to work in high-voltage current environments and includes eight fuses to prevent overcurrent. It is critical to inspect the fuses if you fear one is blown. It is no longer manufactured by the manufacturer, although it has extensive built-in diagnostics and a triple-redundant design that can also be configured as Simplex if necessary. This line also includes online maintenance. While it is no longer available from the manufacturer, it can be acquired from World of Controls.

DS200IMCPG1C Features

  • The board also includes connectors for connecting ribbon cables. Ribbon cables are constructed of thin wires that are readily snapped. Never pull the cable out of the connector by pushing on the ribbon portion of the cable to avoid breaking it. Instead, using one hand, grab the connection section of the cable, stabilize the board with the other, and pull the cable out of the connector. To install the ribbon cable, grasp the connector and press it into the board's connector.
  • If you do not need to install the board right away, store it in a secure location that is only accessible to those who require it. When you're ready to install it, open the box and look for a protective bag containing the board. Holding the board only by the edges, remove it and instantly set it on the empty bag.


  • Make certain that you only replace fuses that are an identical match. Failure to use a precise match may result in component damage on the board due to high voltage. A blown fuse is easily identified since the contact within the fuse has melted. To replace the fuse, simply remove the fuse out of the connector and insert the replacement into the connector.
  • The fuse can be replaced without having to remove the board from the cabinet. So, before you begin, all that is required is to switch off all power to the drive. If the same fuse breaks regularly, it is best to run a diagnostic test on the drive to establish the cause of the blown fuses.
  • Once the problem has been identified, you can anticipate your drive to work at optimum efficiency and without incident.

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What is GE Mark V DS200IMCPG1C?

The DS200IMCPG1C is an IAC2000I Power Supply Interface Board the board can be connected to the DS200SDCC Drive Control Board through a cable.

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