DS200FCRLG1AFC - Firing Circuit Control Board

DS200FCRLG1AFC - Firing Circuit Control Board DS200FCRLG1AFC - Firing Circuit Control Board

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Part Number: DS200FCRLG1AFC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Drive Control
Product Type: Firing Circuit Control Board
Size: 9.2x6.3 inches
Temperature 0 to 60oC (32 to 149 oF)
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS200FCRLG1AFC is a Firing Circuit Control Board developed by General Electric. It is a part of Drive Control series. The PCB is equipped with 27 bayonet-type connectors, 27 jumpers, 1 34-pin connector, and 1 9-pin connector, facilitating connectivity with various signal and power cables. These connectors are crucial for establishing communication and power supply within the system.

Installation and Cable Management

  • When installing cables into the bayonet connectors, it's essential to align the pins properly and press them firmly into place until they click securely. Care should be taken not to tug the cables out of the connector to prevent damage to the signal wires.
  • Proper cable routing is paramount to ensuring optimal system performance. Signal wires should be routed separately from power cables to avoid interference that could degrade signal quality. It's recommended to keep signal and power cables as far apart as possible or use shielded cables when necessary.
  • Considerations should also be made regarding the proximity of signal and power cables, with shorter distances preferred when power cables carry higher currents. By adhering to these cable management practices, the risk of signal degradation or interference caused by power cables can be minimized, ensuring reliable operation of the PCB within the turbine control system.

Steam Turbine Unit Controls

  • Speed and Acceleration Control: Facilitating precise regulation of turbine speed and acceleration during startup phases, ensuring smooth and controlled operation.
    Initialization of Generator Excitation: Initiating the excitation process for the generator to enable the generation of electrical power efficiently.
  • Synchronization and Load Application: Coordinating synchronization with the electrical grid and applying the appropriate load in response to local or area generation dispatch commands.
  • Pressure Control: Monitoring and controlling various pressure parameters such as inlet pressure, extraction pressure, back pressure, etc., to maintain optimal operating conditions.
  • Turbine Unloading and Securing: Managing the unloading process of the turbine and ensuring its safe and secure shutdown when necessary.
  • Sequencing Functions: Orchestrating the sequence of operations while considering thermal stress constraints to prevent damage to critical components.
  • Overspeed Protection: Implementing safeguards to prevent the turbine from exceeding safe operating speeds during load rejection or emergency situations.
  • Hazard Protection: Providing protection against serious hazards such as loss of lube oil pressure, high exhaust temperature, and excessive bearing vibration to prevent catastrophic failures.
  • Testing and Validation: Conducting periodic testing of steam valves and other essential protective functions to verify their reliability and effectiveness in safeguarding the turbine system.

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What is DS200FCRLG1AFC?
It is a Firing Circuit Control Board developed by General Electrics.

How does the control system ensure safe and efficient turbine operation?
The control system regulates turbine speed, monitors pressure levels, coordinates with the generator for power generation, and implements protective measures to prevent hazards such as overspeed, loss of lube oil pressure, and high temperatures, ensuring both safety and efficiency.

What role does pressure control play in steam turbine operation?
Pressure control is crucial for maintaining optimal operating conditions within the turbine system. It involves regulating various pressure parameters, including inlet pressure, extraction pressure, and back pressure, to ensure efficient power generation and prevent equipment damage.

How does the control system manage turbine startup and shutdown?
During startup, the control system controls speed and acceleration, initializes generator excitation, and synchronizes with the electrical grid. For shutdown, it unloads the turbine safely and secures it to prevent damage or hazards.