DS200DSFBG1AEB - Driver/Shunt Feedback Board

DS200DSFBG1AEB - Driver/Shunt Feedback Board DS200DSFBG1AEB - Driver/Shunt Feedback Board

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Part Number: DS200DSFBG1AEB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Drive Control
Product type: Driver/Shunt Feedback Board
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS200DSFBG1AEB is a Driver/Shunt Feedback Board designed and developed by GE. It is a part of Drive Control control system. The board serves as a driver interface for controlling various components within the system, such as motors, actuators, valves, and other devices. It translates control signals from the system's control unit into precise commands for these components, enabling precise control and operation.


  • Shunt Feedback: In addition to driver functionality, the board also incorporates shunt feedback capabilities. Shunt feedback involves the use of shunt resistors or sensors to monitor and measure electrical parameters, such as current or voltage, within the system. This feedback mechanism provides valuable information about the system's electrical characteristics, enabling accurate monitoring and control.
  • Compatibility and Integration: Engineered to seamlessly integrate into various industrial systems and applications. It is compatible with a wide range of control units, processors, and communication protocols commonly used in industrial automation and control environments. This versatility ensures easy integration and interoperability with existing system infrastructure.
  • Advanced Control Features: The board may incorporate advanced control features such as feedback control algorithms, fault detection mechanisms, and diagnostic capabilities. These features enhance system performance, efficiency, and safety by enabling real-time monitoring, fault detection, and proactive maintenance.

Backup Operator Interface Panel

  • Redundant Control Interface: Serves as a backup or redundant interface for monitoring and controlling turbine functions in case the primary operator interface becomes unavailable or malfunctions. This redundancy ensures continuous operation and enhances system reliability.
  • Direct Communication Link: Directly connected to the three control processors of the Mark V System. This direct communication link enables real-time exchange of data and commands between the BOI and the control processors, facilitating seamless integration and responsive control.
  • LCD Panel and Keypad: Equipped with an LCD panel and keypad, the BOI provides a user-friendly interface for operators to view system status, access control functions, and input commands. The LCD panel displays relevant information such as operating parameters, alarms, and system diagnostics, while the keypad allows users to input commands and navigate through menus.
  • Control Functions: Operators can use the BOI to perform various control functions essential for turbine operation, including-
    • Starting and stopping the unit: Initiating or halting turbine operation as needed.
    • Loading or unloading: Adjusting the turbine's load to meet demand or operational requirements.
    • Alarms management: Acknowledging and silencing alarms, as well as resetting process alarms for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.
    • Monitoring unit operation: Continuously monitoring turbine performance, status, and key parameters to ensure optimal operation and safety.
  • Mounting and Placement: Typically, the BOI is mounted on the control panel or within close proximity to the primary operator interface for convenient access by operators. Its compact design and durable construction make it suitable for installation in various industrial environments.
  • Enhanced System Resilience: By providing a redundant control interface, the BOI enhances the resilience and fault tolerance of the Mark V System. In the event of primary interface failure or disruption, operators can seamlessly switch to the BOI to maintain control and monitor critical turbine operations.

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What is DS200DSFBG1AEB?
It is a Driver/Shunt Feedback Board designed and developed by GE

Does the I perform control or protection functions for the unit?
No, with the exception of the Plant Load Control option, the I does not directly control or protect the unit. Instead, it serves as an interface for operators and technicians to interact with the Mark V control panel(s) and issue commands or monitor system status.

What communication capabilities does the I have with the Mark V control panel(s)?
The I communicates with the Mark V control panel(s) to exchange data, issue commands, and receive status updates. It may utilize various communication protocols and interfaces to ensure seamless integration with the control system.

How does the I enhance operational efficiency and safety?
By providing a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and real-time monitoring capabilities, the I enables operators and technicians to efficiently manage turbine operations, respond to alarms promptly, and ensure safe and reliable unit performance.