DS200DPCBG1AAA - Direct Power Connect Board

DS200DPCBG1AAA - Direct Power Connect Board DS200DPCBG1AAA - Direct Power Connect Board

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Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Direct Power Connect Board
Series: EX2000
Operating temperature: -25 to 65 ºC
Power Supply Voltage: 125 V dce
Board Size: 33.0 cm high x 17.8 cm
Connections: BNC Connectors
Weight: 0.45 kgs
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEH-6122


DS200DPCBG1AAA is a Direct Power Connect Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in GE Excitation Control systems. Local area network lines for DLAN+, DLAN, and Genius as well as connections for AC line power are provided by the DS200DPCB board and 1TB. On the DPCB board, a power switch and connector ports for the control power transformer are also available. This system regulates the field current supplied to the generator or motor's excitation winding, controlling its output voltage or current. It's crucial for maintaining stability and performance in electrical power generation or motor control systems. The board might include circuitry for integrating with the overall excitation control system, allowing for seamless communication and coordination with other components such as voltage regulators, control panels, and monitoring systems.


The diagnostic keys and display enable access to the menu-driven Local Diagnostic Monitor. Each monitor function can be implemented using four keys. This allows the same procedures to be performed on both the 16-key diagnostic keypad in its entirety and the four-key version.

The static and dynamic components of the main menu may always be differentiated by the 10s identifying mnemonic, which appears as the first five characters of the menu selection. Depending on the 10s' mode or status, dynamic selections are added or removed from the main menu. The primary menu always contains static options.


  • When exposed to low line voltages that are not within the LINE limits given in the specifications section, the unit may malfunction.
  • Check that the DPCB power connect board's hardware jumpers are set to the current line voltage.
  • If the jumpers are set to 115V on a 230V line, the main control board's power supply will be damaged. The unit's fan will spin swiftly in this situation since the 24 V supply is 48 V.
  • When the CT and AC1 or AC2 connections on the 1TB or DPCB board are exchanged, the 24 V supply becomes 48 V.

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What types of generators can benefit from DPC boards?

DPC boards are suitable for a wide range of generator types, including synchronous generators, induction generators, and permanent magnet generators. They can be integrated into both new installations and existing systems as part of a retrofit or upgrade.

Are DPC boards compatible with different excitation system configurations?

Yes, DPC boards are designed to be compatible with various excitation system configurations, including brushless excitation systems, static excitation systems, and rotating excitation systems. They can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different generator models and applications.

How do I select the right DPC board for my application?

When selecting a DPC board, consider factors such as the power rating of the generator, the type of excitation system used, and any specific control requirements. It's essential to choose a DPC board that is compatible with your existing equipment and can provide the functionality and performance needed for your application.