DS200CTBAG1ACC - Termination Board

DS200CTBAG1ACC - Termination Board DS200CTBAG1ACC - Termination Board

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Part No.: DS200CTBAG1ACC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Data Processor Termination board
Series: Mark V

The DS200CTBAG1ACC is a termination board designed by GE under the Mark V series. General Electric has now designated this part as a legacy. It is no longer supported by the original manufacturer. Our company works hard to keep on-hand stock so that we can better provide replacements to our customers as needed.

  • The DS200CTBAG1ACC functions as a Data Processor Termination board. The card is a long and narrow PCB that serves as a termination board for the common data processor in the Mark V. Typically, the card is placed in the R5 core.
  • The board includes the system's IONET and COREBUS communication interfaces. The card possesses I/O terminations. The board connects to and conditions analog signals from this board.
  • The card accepts input and output signals ranging from 4 to 20 mA, as well as shaft voltage and current signals. On the board's surface is a bypass relay. This allows COREBUS communications to continue even if power is lost to the CTBA board.
  • Two terminal strips, vertical pin connectors, a relay, resistor network arrays, plug connectors, and jumper switches are included in the DS200CTBAG1ACC. The board is emblazoned with the GE logo and has an identifying board number. To allow for mounting options, the board has been drilled in each corner; some of these drill holes are surrounded by conductive material.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200TCCBG3BCB?
The DS200CTBAG1ACC is a GE Data Processor Termination board developed by General Electric.

Which are the communication interfaces on DS200TCCBG3BCB?
Communication interfaces on the mocard are IONET and COREBUS.

How to Obtain DS200TCCBG3BCB?
World of Controls provides DS200TCCBG3BCB as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.