DS200AAHAG1A - ARCNET Connection Board

DS200AAHAG1A - ARCNET Connection Board DS200AAHAG1A - ARCNET Connection Board

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Part Number: DS200AAHAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: ARCNET Connection Board
Function: Function: ARCNET-Act Hub LAN Driver
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

DS200AAHAG1A is an ARCNET Connection Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. The interface connection for ARCNET cables connecting R> to the IO cores and HMI is provided by the ARCNET Connection Board (AAHA). There are two BNC connectors available (channels A and B). The boards in R that contain the ARCNET drivers are connected by one plug connector, the APL connector. The AAHA board and the PANA board's APL or BPL connector are connected by the APL connector. Spot 6 of the R> has two AAHA boards. The Stage Link between R> and the operator interfaces are designated with one AAHA, denoted as AAHA1 in Appendix B. When using both of the BNC connections on this board, it is possible to connect either two separate Stage Links to a single controller or a different controller to the Stage Link. APL connectors on both AAHA1 and PANA are linked together. The second AAHA, designated AAHA2 in Appendix B, joins R> to the COREBUS link, enabling communication between the Control Engine and the IO cores. The internal ARCNET link used for Mark V LM controller IO communications is known as COREBUS. To the BPL connector on PANA, the APL connector on AAHA2 is connected.


1. The TCPS board's power is supplied to R by 2PL.
2. The AAHA board and PANA board in R are connected via APL and ARCNET.
3. For ARCNET connectivity, use the ARCBNC A BNC connector.
4. For ARCNET connectivity, use the ARCBNC BNC connector.
5. EBNC – Not frequently used.
6. EPL - Not frequently used.

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How does ARCNET work?

The token ring was the Ethernet protocol used by ARCNET. Each machine involved in the communication must have the token in order to participate in it.

What is communication on the ARCNET?

It is a communications protocol for local area networks.

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