5463-758 - CPU Module

5463-758 - CPU Module 5463-758 - CPU Module

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Part Number: 5463-758
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: Module
Availability: In Stock
Function: CPU Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5463-758 is a CPU Module developed by Woodward. The module allows live insertion and removal in both MicroNet TMR and Plus chassis. This means that the module can be inserted or removed from the chassis while the system is operational. However, it is important to note that before removing the module, it should be reset immediately. Resetting the module serves as a notification to the system that it will be removed and allows for a graceful failover to another healthy CPU module, if available. This ensures a smooth transition and uninterrupted operation of the system.


  • The CPU module, which runs the GAP application program, plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of the system. Upon power application, the CPU module performs diagnostic tests to ensure proper functioning before executing the application program.
  • The module incorporates a battery that powers the real-time clock when the control power is off. It is worth mentioning that this battery is not user-replaceable. However, the on-board circuitry of the CPU module keeps the battery charged during normal operation.
  • Once fully charged, which typically takes a maximum of three days, the battery can sustain the operation of the real-time clock for a minimum of three months even without power to the control. However, if the power is removed from the CPU module for longer than three months, it may be necessary to reset the real-time clock.
  • The hardware configuration of the module includes the proper configuration of the Module Configuration Switch (S2) to ensure the correct operation of the CPU mode in the main rack at address 0x000. It is essential to configure the switch correctly to align with the intended operation of the module.
  • The Module Configuration Switch (S2) is typically pre-configured by the factory to ensure that the module is set up appropriately for its designated purpose. The factory configuration takes into account the specific requirements and specifications of the module to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the system. When the module is received, it is important to verify that the Module Configuration Switch (S2) is already set to the correct configuration for CPU mode operation in the main rack at address 0x000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5463-758?
It is a CPU Module developed by Woodward.

What is the role of the module in the system?
The module runs the GAP application program, which is responsible for the overall functionality of the system. It executes tasks and processes necessary for system operation and control.

What happens Upon power application?
It performs diagnostic tests to ensure proper functioning before executing the application program. This helps in identifying any potential issues or errors at the start.