5463-531 - Output Analog Module

5463-531 - Output Analog Module 5463-531 - Output Analog Module

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Part Number: 5463-531
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: Module
Availability: In Stock
Function: Output Analog Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5463-531 is a Output Analog Module developed by Woodward. The Module plays a crucial role in control systems by providing analog output signals that can be used to regulate and control various devices and processes. It serves as a vital interface between the control system and external components, allowing for precise and accurate control over critical variables. The module assembly, developed by Woodward, incorporates several advanced features to enhance its functionality and performance. Among these features are on-board processors for automatic calibration of the I/O channels and a time-stamping feature with 5 ms resolution for analog inputs. The module assembly includes an on-board processor for each board, ensuring accurate and precise calibration of the I/O channels. The automatic calibration capability eliminates the need for manual calibration procedures, simplifying the setup process and reducing maintenance requirements. With the on-board processors, the module assembly can continuously monitor and adjust the calibration of each channel, ensuring optimal accuracy and reliability of the analog output signals. In addition to automatic calibration, the analog inputs of the module assembly are equipped with a time-stamping feature. This feature enables the module to record the precise time at which an input signal crosses predefined thresholds. The time-stamping function provides valuable information for event logging, troubleshooting, and process analysis. With a resolution of 5 ms, the module assembly can accurately capture the timing of input signal changes, allowing for precise monitoring and analysis of time-dependent processes.


  • The current ratings of the module is 4-20 mA.
    Another feature of the module is its compatibility with the DCS II system.
  • It is designed with state-of-the-art technology and engineering excellence, ensuring optimal performance and durability. It is built to withstand challenging operational environments, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and electrical disturbances, while maintaining consistent and reliable analog output signal generation.
  • One of the key features of the Module is its versatility and flexibility. It supports a wide range of analog output types, such as voltage, current, or milliamp outputs. This versatility enables seamless integration with various devices and systems, catering to diverse control requirements in industries such as power generation, industrial automation, oil and gas, and many others.
  • The module offers multiple analog output channels, allowing simultaneous control over multiple devices or variables. Each channel can be individually configured and calibrated, providing precise customization based on specific control needs. This flexibility makes it ideal for applications requiring high-precision analog control and regulation.
  • Woodward emphasizes user-friendly design in the development of the product. It provides intuitive configuration interfaces and software tools, simplifying the setup and integration process. This ensures seamless compatibility with existing control systems, minimizing downtime during installation and maintenance activities.
  • Moreover, the it incorporates advanced safety features and fault diagnostics. It includes protective measures to prevent damage to connected devices and systems, and it offers comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to detect and address any issues promptly.

System TMR CPU Features

  • Each CPU module runs the same software program as the other two. Each kernel's inputs are distributed to the other two kernels. Before sending a signal to the application software, each CPU compares the value it read with the value read by the other two CPUs.
  • Depending on the configuration, the voting logic could use a total of nine values for the same input parameter to provide the best signal to the application software. Even if a data value is corrupted along any of the data paths, all CPUs use the same correct data to perform application calculations. To generate the same outputs, all CPUs use the same voted input signals in the same application calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5463-531?
It is a Output Analog Module developed by Woodward.

What happens if a data value is corrupted along any of the data paths?
Even if a data value is corrupted along any of the data paths, all CPUs use the same correct data to perform application calculations. This ensures that the application calculations are based on accurate and reliable data.

How do all CPUs generate the same outputs?
All CPUs use the same voted input signals in the same application calculations to generate the same outputs. This ensures consistency and synchronization across the system, regardless of any potential variations in input data.

What is the purpose of comparing values and using voting logic?
Comparing values and using voting logic allows for fault detection and fault tolerance within the system. By comparing multiple input values and selecting the best signal, the system can maintain accurate and reliable outputs even in the presence of potential data corruption or faults.