531X305NTBAPG1 - NTB/3TB Terminal Board

531X305NTBAPG1 -   NTB/3TB Terminal Board 531X305NTBAPG1 -   NTB/3TB Terminal Board

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Part No.: 531X305NTBAPG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: NTB/3TB Terminal Board
Series: EX2000

531X305NTBAPG1 is an NTB/3TB Terminal Board developed by GE under the EX2000 Excitation system. The drive (or exciter) cabinet houses the 531X305NTB (NTB/3TB) board. The drive's (or exciter's) connection terminals for the majority of external signal-level I/O are located on the board, along with passive interface circuitry. Plugs 6PL and 8PL from the drive control board, plugs 2PL and 4PL from the power supply board, plug COMPL from the terminal board 3TB, and plugs 2PL and 4PL from external equipment connect to the NTB/3TB.

531X305NTBAPG1 Power Supply

For external use, the NTB/3TB provides the following power outputs:

  • Regulated voltages of +5 V dc and 15 V dc, each with a 300 mA current capacity
  • Unregulated dc 24 V, 500 mA current capacity
  • 120 V ac, 0.5 A of current capacity

Encoder Interface

  • A differential A-quad-B encoder interface with a marker channel is included in the NTB/3TB and can be used to connect to the drive.
  • On the drive control board, this circuit is optically isolated.
  • Jumpers are included in the NTB/3TB to allow the interface to be set up for +5 V or 15 V encoders.

531X305NTBAPG1 Digital Control Inputs

  • The NTB/3TB transmits a variety of control inputs to the drive control board. There are 12 general-purpose control inputs (up to 24 V dc) and special-purpose digital inputs (such as RESET and CONTROL ON).
  • Depending on whether positive or negative logic is employed, hardware jumpers are used to bias disconnected inputs to +24 or -24 V dc.

Other Features

  • When installed, this card gives you access to a variety of interfacing tools that aren't included with the drive. Serial and relay outputs, low-level analog I/O, encoders, and power supply are examples of applications. When the NTB/3TB terminal board is installed, it supplies both regulated and unregulated power sources.
  • The host drive can be powered by regulated sources rated at 5 VDC and 15 VDC, as well as uncontrolled supplies rated at 24 VDC or 120 VAC. A variety of board settings can be configured by users to meet individual load needs. The jumpers on the board can be used to alter the 5V and 15V encoders.
  • The board also includes a total of seven form A and form C relay outputs. Contacts rated at 120 VAC are included in all integrated relays. The card also includes four potentiometers for scaling low-level analog I/O.
  • WOC will package your terminal board in a static-resistant plastic cover. Please examine the installation parameters provided by General Electric before removing the equipment from its packaging. Allow only trained employees to handle and install this board to ensure that all board functionalities perform correctly.
  • A detailed wiring diagram may be found in both the series handbook and the device datasheet. General Electric was the initial provider of technical support for this terminal board.

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What is 531X305NTBAPG1?
531X305NTBAPG1 is a NTB/3TB Terminal Board developed by GE under EX2000 Excitation system.

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