531X305NTBANG1 - NTB/3TB Terminal Board

531X305NTBANG1 - NTB/3TB Terminal Board 531X305NTBANG1 - NTB/3TB Terminal Board

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Part No.: 531X305NTBANG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: NTB/3TB Terminal Board
Series: EX2000

531X305NTBANG1 is an NTB/3TB terminal board designed to be a part of EX2000 excitation system. The main CPU and LAN Communication Card are components of an EX2000 system. Additionally, it offers both isolated and non-isolated circuits for communication inputs to the exciter, as well as a programmer module (keypad and display). The core software has a complex system program called the independent control simulator that simulates the behavior of the field and generator. The microprocessor application card simulates the field and generator feedback signals, which are then given to the transducing algorithms in place of the actual feedback.

531X305NTBANG1 Features

  • When this NTB/3TB terminal board is attached, it offers the drive with a variety of functionalities. When installed, the component can generate both regulated and unregulated power supply.
  • Regulated supplies have ratings of 5 VDC and 15 VDC, but unregulated supplies can have ratings of 24 VDC or 125 VAC. The onboard jumpers can be used to configure encoders rated at 5 V and 15 V.
  • The board also features seven relay outputs, which can be either form A or form C. Each relay's contacts are rated at 120 VAC. The four potentiometers on board can also be used to scale low-level analog I/O.
  • The terminal board comes with a number of installation criteria. By reviewing these instructions before beginning device installation, you can limit the possibility of board damage.
  • This card will be mailed from WOC in a protective static-reducing plastic bag.
  • Once installation begins, see the device's manual and datasheet for detailed wiring guidance. The device's manufacturer, General Electric, initially provided technical support for this terminal board.

Functional Description

  • A general-purpose terminal connection board is the NTB/3TB Board. As an interface between the control core and external devices, connections are formed. This board houses the RS-232C serial port.
  • Additionally, it supports testing-useful digital-to-analog conversion (D/A) outputs and auxiliary analog voltage controller oscillator (VCO) inputs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 531X305NTBANG1?
531X305NTBANG1 is an NTB/3TB terminal board designed to be a part of EX2000 excitation system.

How to Obtain this terminal board?
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