531X301DCCAFG2 - Drive Control Board

531X301DCCAFG2 - Drive Control Board 531X301DCCAFG2 - Drive Control Board

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Part Number: 531X301DCCAFG2
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Drive Control
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Product of Origin: United States(USA)

531X301DCCAFG2 is a Drive Control Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in Drive control systems. An Intel 80186 microprocessor is found on the control processor board. After new software has been downloaded onto the EEPROM, a little push-button switch located on the board can be used to restart the processor.

Power Requirements

  • The Mark V panel can take power from various sources. Before entering the Mark V panel, each power input source (two ac and two dc sources) should pass through its own external 30 A 2 pole thermal magnetic circuit breaker. A 125 V dc source and/or up to two 120/240 V ac sources can both be used as power sources.
  • A common 125 V dc panel distribution bus is used to power each power supply board that each core in the panel has.

Log Functions

  • Alarms are logged with a 62ms resolution both as they happen and as they clear.
  • The printer records events (turbine operation) with a 62 ms individual time tag resolution, such as engaging the turning gear or closing the generator breaker. Events can be defined by the user and modified on the fly.
  • On the printer, events (contact inputs) are recorded with unique time tags of 1ms. The event log records each contact input made to the Mark V. Individual contact inputs can be removed from the event log and logging can be turned on or off in the field.
  • The turbine trip analysis has a record in the trip log. Each sample can contain up to 63 parameters, with 3 post-trip samples lasting 3 seconds and 38 pre-trip samples lasting 5 hours. You can print this information or view it on the display. When the unit is restarted, the trip log's freeze is broken, and samples start to replace the memory locations in the log.

531X301DCCAFG2 Characteristics

  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 38 × 36 × 32 cm

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What is 531X301DCCAFG2?
531X301DCCAFG2 is a Drive Control Board manufactured and designed by General Electric

How long is the shipping time for a WOC?
WOC maintains a large inventory and can fulfill many orders on the same day. Please contact us for additional information.

What is the country of manufacture of the component?
This drive control board is developed in the United States.

How to Check Price and Availability For Drive Control Board?
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How are boards packaged for shipment from WOC?
Parts are placed in antistatic packets and securely packed in ESD boxes cushioned with ESD Foam designed to safeguard electrical components.