330180-91-05 - 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor

330180-91-05 - 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor 330180-91-05 - 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor

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Part Number: 330180-91-05
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: Proximitor Sensor
Series: Bently Nevada 3300
Length: 9.0 meters
Availability: In Stock

330180-91-05 is a 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor developed by Bently Nevada. It is a part of Bently Nevada 3300 XL 8mm Proximity Transducer System. One 3300 XL 8mm probe, one 3300 XL extension cable, and one 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor make up the 3300 XL 8mm Proximity Transducer System. The system can measure static (position) and dynamic (vibration) readings and outputs a voltage that is directly proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the observed conductive surface.


  • All 5 and 8 mm 3300 and 3300 XL probes are compatible with the Bently 3300 XL 5/8mm Proximitor Sensor. The 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor has many advantages over earlier models. You may use it in high-density DINrail systems because to its physical packaging. The sensor can also be installed in a conventional panel mount position, where it has the same 4-hole mounting layout as earlier Proximitor Sensor models. Both mounting bases offer electrical isolation and do away with the need for additional isolator plates.
  • Vibration and position measurements on fluid-film bearing machines, as well as Keyphasor reference and speed measurements, are the system's main uses. The standard API 670 Standard (4th Edition) is fully complied with by the mechanical design, linear range, accuracy, and temperature stability of the 3300 XL 8 mm 5-meter system.


  • Total Length: 9.0 meters (29.5 feet) system length
  • Mounting Option: DIN mount
  • Agency Approval Option: CSA, ATEX, IECEx approvals


  • Ideal for Compression Systems, Speed Measurements, and Fluid-Film Bearing Machines
  • Extended Temperature Range Applications
  • Complete Interchangeability of Units and Cabling
  • Backward Compatible with Other Non-3300 XL Series Transducer System Components

Power-Up Inhibit Function

  • This one-of-a-kind feature reduces false alarms caused by a transient power surge or loss and subsequent power re-application.
  • After the power has stabilized, alarms are disabled for two seconds before Timed OK/Channel Defeat, if enabled, becomes active.
  • Rack Restriction — This function, which is activated by customer-supplied external contact closure, bypasses all monitors, disables alarms, zero-scales all outputs, and de-energizes the system OK relay.

Safety Barriers

  • The 3300 System can be used with zener safety barriers in applications where the transducers are located in a hazardous area. However, the 3300 is the first Bently Nevada system to include an option for internal safety barriers on many monitor modules.
  • This option is less expensive than external barriers because it requires no additional cabinet space or wiring. It increases safety because the connections are pre-wired, removing the possibility of errors introduced by additional external wiring connections between monitor and barriers.
  • In addition, unlike external barriers, no special monitor scale factor calibration is required to compensate for voltage drop across the barrier.

330180-91-05 Programmability

  • It is not always possible to determine the exact monitor options required for a specific application when placing your order. Prior to the introduction of the 3300 System, changing monitor system options after installation was difficult.
  • 3300 solves this issue with plug-in jumpers and, on select monitors, convenient firmware programming, allowing options to be changed easily and reliably in the field. The plug-in jumpers on the monitor's circuit boards are simply repositioned according to the legend on the monitor's protective side cover. The microprocessor in the monitor constantly checks the jumper locations and adjusts the monitor options accordingly.
  • Monitors with firmware-programmable options allow for simple selection or change via the front panel controls, eliminating the need for specialized tools or programming modules. To prevent unauthorized tampering with these options, controls to enable firmware programming are located behind the front panel.
  • The programmable options for monitor modules differ depending on the monitor type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bently Nevada 330180-91-05?
It is a 3300 XL Proximitor Sensor developed by Bently Nevada under 3300 series.

Whether 5 and 8 mm 3300 and 3300 XL probes are compatible with the component?
Yes, 5 and 8 mm 3300 and 3300 XL probes are compatible.

What is the component's mounting option?
DIN-rail mounting is used for this component.

How to obtain this Proximitor Sensor?
Contact WOC for Bently Nevada requirements. Contact the team at +1 609 385 1231 or Request a Quote.