IS421UCSBH3A - UCSB Controller Module

IS421UCSBH3A - UCSB Controller Module IS421UCSBH3A - UCSB Controller Module

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Part Number: IS421UCSBH3A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIeS
Product Type: UCSB Controller Module
Microprocessor: 1200 MHz Intel EP80579
Memory: 256 MB
Operating System: QNX Neutrino
Programming: Boolean
Primary Ethernet Interface: 10Base-TX/100Base-TX
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 °C
Size: 10.16 cm wide x 33.02 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEH6721


IS421UCSBH3A is a UCSB Controller Module manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VIeS Series used in GE Distributed Control Systems. The UCSB controllers are stand-alone computers that run the application code. The controller mounts in a panel, and communicates with the I/O packs through on-board 1/0 network (IONet) interfaces. IONet is a private special-purpose Ethernet that only supports Mark controls I/O modules and controllers. The controller operating system (OS) is QNX Neutrino, a real-time, multitasking OS designed for high-speed, high-reliability industrial applications. Unlike traditional controllers where I/O is on a backplane, the UCSB controller does not host any application I/O.

Also, all I/O networks are attached to each controller providing them with all input data. The hardware and software architecture guarantees that no single point of application input is lost if a controller is powered down for maintenance or repair. The Mark VIeS UCSBSIA Safety Controller and Safety 1/0 modules are used for functional safety loops to achieve SIL 2 and 3 capabilities. Mark Vles Safety equipment is used by operators knowledgeable in safety-instrumented system (SIS) applications to reduce risk in critical safety functions. Safety controllers and distributed I/O modules are programmed specifically for safety control use, and this specific control hardware and software has IEC 61508 certification.

  • Single module
  • Built-in power supply
  • No jumper settings required
  • No battery No fan (UCSBSIA, UCSBHIA, UCSBH4A)
  • Dual-redundant fans with IS420UCSBH3A
  • Smaller panel footprint
  • Flash memory can be conveniently updated


The controller is contained in a single module that mounts directly to the panel sheet metal. The following diagrams display the module envelope and mounting dimensions. All dimensions are in inches. The UCSB is to be mounted to the panel as shown with vertical air flow through the fins to be unobstructed.


The controller is loaded with software specific to its application. It can run rungs or blocks. Minor modifications to the control software may be made online without requiring a restart. The IEEE 1588 protocol is used through the R, S, and T IONets to synchronize the clock of the I/O packs and controllers to within 100 microseconds. External data is transferred to and from the control system database in the controller over the R, S and T IONets. This includes process I/O to the I/O modules.

Internal state values and initialization information from the designed controller
Status and synchronization information from both controllers

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What is the UCSB Controller Module?

The UCSB Controller Module is a key component in the UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) system, serving as a central control unit for various functions and operations within the system.

What functions does the UCSB Controller Module perform?

The module is responsible for coordinating and managing tasks such as data processing, communication between different components, system monitoring, and control of peripherals within the UCSB system.

How does the UCSB Controller Module communicate with other system components?

The module typically communicates through standardized protocols such as Ethernet, USB, or serial communication, depending on the specific requirements of the connected devices and peripherals.