IS400JPDEG1A - DC Battery Power Distribution Board

IS400JPDEG1A - DC Battery Power Distribution Board IS400JPDEG1A - DC Battery Power Distribution Board

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Part Number: IS400JPDEG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Product Type: Power Distribution Board
Board Size: 16.51 cm High x 17.8 cm
Operating Temperature: 0 to 45
Repair: 3-7 Days
Mounting: 6
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEH-6721L


IS400JPDEG1A is a DC Battery Power Distribution Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VIe Series used in distributed control systems. The DC Battery Power Distribution (JPDE) board distributes dc power to terminal boards and other system loads after receiving it from a battery or power source. Resistors are used to center a floating DC bus on Earth, and JPDE helps this by providing voltage feedback via PPDA to identify system ground problems. For two power supplies, it offers inputs. JPDE may function at either 24 V dc or 48 V dc. The PPDA I/O pack's feedback is integrated into the PDM system by JPDE. The maximum current that can be passed through this board when it is constructed normally is its limiting factor. JPDE does not provide power to large 500 W - 24 V input/28 V output power supplies that provide control power for I/O packs.


The JPDB, JPDF, JPDS, and JPDM feedback signal P1/P2 connectors on the IS200JPDE board are compatible, creating a PPDA I/O pack.


In a PDM-related cabinet, JPDE is base-mounted vertically on a metal bracket. To route power input and output, consult the wiring diagrams. On the top and bottom of the board, a 50-pin diagnostic connector is installed.

JPDE Simplified Electrical Diagram

Fig 1: JPDE Simplified Electrical Diagram


  • A battery can supply power through the 6-pin Mate-N-Lok connector JD1. Positive and negative connections use three connector pins each to provide a sufficient current rating.
  • Fused four-pin Mate-N-Lok output connectors are JFA, JFB, and JFC. Pins 1 and 2 receive positive power, whereas pins 3 and 4 receive negative power. The pin usage on JPDD J28 and J28X is the same as this. The fuse rating for these connectors is 15 A.
  • The ground reference jumper is JP1. Normally, there is no hard ground connection made to the dc bus. The ground fault detection system centers the dc bus on the earth. The dc positive terminal operates at 24 V normally, measuring 12 * 24 V above ground, and the dc negative terminal has the same magnitude potential below the earth. By closing jumper JP1, onboard resistors can be used instead of external resistors to center the bus on Earth.
  • For power supply input, JPS1 and JPS2 are nine-pin Mate-N-Lok connectors. The connector has a 24 A steady state capacity and uses pins 7 and 9 for positive 24/48 V dc and pins 1-3 for 24 V return. A supply status feedback switch receives positive 10 V dc wetting from pin 4 and the return from pin 5.
  • Four-pin Mate-N-Lok output connections with fuses and switches are designated as JS1, JS2, and JS3. Pins 1 and 2 receive positive power, whereas pins 3 and 4 receive negative power. The pin usage on JPDD J28 and J28X is the same as this. These switched connections have a 7 A fuse rating.
  • On the top and bottom of the board, respectively, P1 and P2, are two 50-pin diagnostic ribbon cable connectors. A board housing a PPDA I/O pack receives feedback signals from connector P1. The signals leaving connector P1 are sent to the PPDA through connector P2, which also receives feedback from other power distribution boards.


  • A digital ID specifying the kind, revision, and serial numbers of the board
  • Two analog feedbacks on battery voltage. A positive bus and a negative bus each have their own. The precision of voltage feedback is 1%.
  • Three dc branch circuit status indications with switches and fuses
  • Two dry contact output status indications for dc power converters
  • Three status indicators for fused branch circuits
  • For external test equipment, two test points with series 2.15 k resistors are offered on the 24/48 V dc bus.
  • The positive bus is connected to HW1, and the negative bus is connected to HW2.


When jumper JP1 is engaged, the JPDE supplies local earth connections with 6 k voltage-centering resistors from positive and negative dc. The connection to the ground is unlocked when JP1 is withdrawn. When a floating dc bus needs to be centered on the ground, insert JP1.

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What is GE Mark VIe IS400JPDEG1A?

IS400JPDEG1A is a DC Battery Power Distribution Board developed by General Electric and used in DCS.

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