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Part No.: IS400TCATH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: Core Analog terminal board assembly
Series: Mark VIe

IS400TCATH1A Core Analog (TCAT) terminal board assembly module. The component is developed by GE. The PCAA module's I/O terminals are provided by the Core Analog terminal board. TCAT outputs are made up of three voted signals ranging from 4 to 20 mA.

IS400TCATH1A Configuration

Analog Input

The TCAT can communicate with various types of 4-20 mA transmitters. A jumper next to the terminals on each input determines whether the return terminal is grounded or floating. The jumper's default position is floating or open. The TCAT + JGPA combination provides twenty-four 24 V dc terminals, one for each 4-20 mA transmitter input.


TCAT distributes input signals to one or more PCAA modules. To ensure reliability in redundant applications, high-reliability passive circuits are used. Only one 24 V dc output will be shut down if there is an overcurrent condition. When the overload is removed, the terminal returns to a voltage of 24 V dc. TCAT accepts 15 V dc power from PCAA modules that are connected. The power sources are then diode-ored to obtain redundant power. Internally, the 15 V dc power is used to voltage bias the seismic inputs.

IS400TCATH1A Characteristics

Total number of inputs

  • Twenty-four 4-20 mA signals.
  • Twelve seismic signals.
  • Twelve LVDT windings.
  • Two magnetic pulse rate flow signals.

Total number of outputs

  • Three 4-20 mA analog outputs are hardware voted.
  • Twelve 24 V dc outputs with a maximum current of 25 mA.
  • JGPA has twelve additional 24 V dc outputs with a capacity of 25 mA.

Voltage of the power supply

  • 15 V dc from one or more PCAA modules. 28 V dc 5% from one or more PCAA modules.
  • Both supplies are routed through the cabling that connects PCAA and TCAT.

Input of pulse rate

At 2 Hz, the minimum signal for proper measurement is 33 mVpk, and at 12 kHz, it is 827 mVpk.


On the left side, three long green terminal blocks are present. Each of these terminal blocks contains a number of small, silver-colored terminals. A series of jumper pins are located on the upper half next to the terminal blocks. These jumper pins are arranged in two rows of twelve sets. Each set includes three small metal jumper pins. The component includes two potentiometers, which are also known as variable resistors. One of these potentiometers is located near the center of the module, and the other is located directly opposite it at the bottom of the module.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS400TCATH1A?
IS400TCATH1A Core Analog terminal board assembly module developed by General Electric under the Mark VIe series.

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