IS230TSVBH3A - Vibration Input Assembly

IS230TSVBH3A - Vibration Input Assembly IS230TSVBH3A - Vibration Input Assembly

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Part Number: IS230TSVBH3A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Function: Vibration Input Assembly
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS230TSVBH3A is a Vibration Input Assembly manufactured by General Electric. It is a part of Mark VIe control system. This assembly facilitates vibration monitoring and input capabilities within industrial processes.


  • Sensor Inputs: Supports 14 sensor inputs, which can be connected directly to two I/O terminal blocks. These terminal blocks provide the necessary interface for wiring the sensors. Each terminal block is securely held in place by two screws and has 24 terminals that can accommodate wires up to #12 AWG in size. This allows for flexible and robust wiring connections.
  • Shield Termination Attachment: Adjacent to each terminal block, there is a shield termination attachment point. These attachment points provide a designated location for connecting and grounding shielded cables. Proper grounding and shielding help minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensure accurate and reliable vibration measurements.

Power Supply

  • The component incorporates a -28 V power supply board.
  • Converts the incoming +28 V power supply voltage to -28 V, which is utilized by the assembly's current-limited -24 V outputs.
    Each PVIB (Peripheral Vibration Input Board) has one WNPS (Wideband Network Power Supply) per unit.
    It features independent +28 V inputs and a common -28 V bus that connects all three WNPSs.
    Power Supply Conversion: The -28 V power supply board efficiently converts the +28 V power supply voltage to -28 V. This conversion ensures compatibility with the specific voltage requirements of the assembly's -24 V outputs. By providing the necessary power conversion, the board enables the smooth operation of the vibration input assembly.
  • Peripheral Vibration Input Boards (PVIBs): It includes Peripheral Vibration Input Boards (PVIBs). These boards are an integral part of the assembly and are associated with each WNPS. The PVIBs are responsible for processing and managing the vibration inputs received from the connected sensors.

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What is IS230TSVBH3A?
It is a Vibration Input Assembly manufactured and designed by General Electric

What are the key features of the Mark VIe system?
The systems provide flexibility, integrated power supplies, connectivity with basic process control systems, and cost efficiency. They also offer a common configuration capability for streamlined setup and maintenance.

How do the system enhance safety procedures?
The systems enhance safety by providing reliable control, scalability, and customization to meet specific safety requirements, thus minimizing risks in industrial processes.