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IS230TPROH2C - Emergency Protection Terminal Board

IS230TPROH2C - Emergency Protection Terminal Board IS230TPROH2C - Emergency Protection Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS230TPROH2C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Emergency Protection Terminal board
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VIe

IS230TPROH2C is an emergency protection terminal board developed by GE. Three PPRO I/O packs are housed on the Emergency Protection (TPRO) terminal board. It conditions the PPROs' speed signal inputs and has a pair of potential transformers (PTs) for bus and generator voltage input. It has three DC-37 pin connectors, one on each side of the PPRO pack connectors. A cable leading to a Mark VIe backup trip relay terminal board is accepted by each DC-37. It has two Euro-style box terminals with 24 plugs.


  • TPROH2C, along with a plastic insulator, are mounted on a sheet metal carrier that is mounted on a DIN-rail. The TPRO and insulator can also be mounted on a sheet metal assembly that bolts directly into a panel.
  • Typical #18 AWG wires are used to connect speed signals and PT inputs to the terminal block. The barrier terminal block on the board is detachable for board replacement. It is a Euro-Block pluggable terminal block with removable terminals. The R, S, and T PPRO I/O packs are installed on TPRO connectors JR1, JS1, and JT1.
  • Three DC-37 pin conductor cables are plugged into TPRO connectors JX1, JY1, and JZ1, with the other ends connected to the backup trip terminal boards of choice.


  • TPROH2C is compatible with the PPRO I/O pack and can handle simplex and TMR applications.
  • It connects to three PPRO I/O packs in TMR systems.


  • Terminals 31-48 show nine speed inputs. Terminals 5, 9, and 11 provide the customer with P24 output.
  • Terminal 8 (MARET) serves as the P24 output's return path. ORing the 28 V power supplies of I/O packs R, S, and T yields the P24 output. Even if the I/O pack is turned off, the P24 V output can still be accessed. Terminals 6, 10, and 12 are reserved for future control expansions and are fanned to R, S, and T PPRO connectors.
  • Terminal 8 (MARET) serves as the 4-20 mA input's return path.


  • Size 15.9 cm high x 17.8 cm wide
  • Technology Surface-mount
  • Temperature Operating: -30 to 65 degrees Celsius

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS230TPROH2C?
It is an emergency protection terminal board developed by GE

What components are located on the front edge?
It has two terminal strips (blocks) located on the front edge of the board. Each of these terminal strips has 24 positions, and these components can be unplugged from the board for maintenance.

What is the function of the transformers located on the right edge?
The two transformers located along the right edge of the board are used to condition the voltage input signals for the VPRO.

What are the jumper switches used for?
The two jumper switches (JPA1 and JPB1) are used to configure the board. These jumpers should only be changed with the help of a qualified technician.