IS230TNTCH2C - Thermocouple Input Assembly Board

IS230TNTCH2C - Thermocouple Input Assembly Board IS230TNTCH2C - Thermocouple Input Assembly Board

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Part Number: IS230TNTCH2C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Product Type: Thermocouple Input Assembly Board
Power supply voltage: 24 V dc
Mounting: DIN-rail mounting
Technology: Surface mount
Operating temperature: -30° to 65°C
Size: 33.0 cm high x 17.8 cm wide
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States


IS230TNTCH2C is a Thermocouple Input Assembly Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VIe Series used in GE Distributed Control Systems. A Thermocouple Input Assembly Board is an electronic component used to interface thermocouples with a control or data acquisition system. Thermocouples are temperature sensors that generate a voltage proportional to the temperature difference between two junctions formed by different metals. The Thermocouple Input Assembly Board is designed to amplify, filter, and condition the small voltage signals produced by the thermocouples.


Signal Conditioning: Thermocouples generate very low-level voltage signals, which need to be amplified and filtered to ensure accurate and reliable temperature measurements.

Cold Junction Compensation: The Thermocouple Input Assembly Board compensates for the ambient temperature at the cold junction (reference junction) to provide accurate temperature readings.

Linearization: Thermocouples have nonlinear voltage-temperature characteristics. The board may include circuitry to linearize the output, making it easier to interpret the temperature measurements.

Calibration: Proper calibration is essential to ensure precise temperature readings. Some boards might have calibration features or options.

Output Interface: The board provides an output interface, which may be analog (e.g., voltage or current signals) or digital (e.g., RS-232, RS-485, or USB) to communicate with a controller, data logger, or other devices.

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What are the main applications of Thermocouple Input Assembly Boards?

These boards are commonly used in industrial and scientific applications where accurate temperature monitoring is crucial. They find use in manufacturing processes, temperature-controlled environments, research, and development.

How do I ensure the accuracy of temperature measurements with the board?

To ensure accuracy, regularly calibrate the board using reliable temperature references. Keep the board and thermocouple connections free from environmental interference and follow proper installation guidelines.

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