IS230TNRLH1F - Relay Output Module

IS230TNRLH1F - Relay Output Module IS230TNRLH1F - Relay Output Module

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Part Number: IS230TNRLH1F
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Function: Relay Output Module
Technology: Surface-mount
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS230TNRLH1F is a Relay Output Module manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a part of the Mark VIe Control System. The module is equipped with advanced features and capabilities to enhance its performance. It incorporates robust electronic components and circuitry to ensure optimal functionality and long-term operation. The module is designed to handle high currents and voltages, enabling it to operate with a wide range of electrical loads. It features a compact form factor that allows for easy integration into control cabinets or panels. The module's interface and connectors are designed for straightforward and secure wiring, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.


  • It module is designed for DIN rail mounting. DIN rail is a standardized mounting system used in industrial applications, allowing for easy and secure installation of modules within control cabinets or panels.
  • It incorporates TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) technology. Redundancy is a crucial aspect in control systems, especially in critical applications where system failure can have severe consequences. TMR technology ensures high reliability and fault tolerance by providing three identical modules that work in parallel. In the event of a failure in one module, the other two modules continue to operate, thereby maintaining system functionality and preventing any disruption in control operations.
  • The module offers relay output functionality, allowing it to control external devices or systems. The component is designed to meet the stringent requirements of control applications, offering reliable and robust performance. As a part of the Mark VIe Control System, the product contributes to the overall functionality and efficiency of the system, enabling precise control and monitoring.


  • Drive and Rating: The relays are driven at the frame rate, ensuring synchronized operation with other components of the control system. These relays have a rating of 3.0 A, indicating their capacity to handle currents up to this specified value. This rating ensures that the relays can handle a range of electrical loads commonly encountered in industrial applications.
  • Rated Contact-to-Contact Voltage: The relays in the module are rated to withstand a contact-to-contact voltage of 500 V ac for a duration of one minute. This rating ensures that the relays can handle high-voltage electrical circuits, providing reliable switching capabilities while maintaining electrical isolation between the contacts.
  • Rated Coil-to-Contact Voltage: Rated for coil-to-contact voltage, with a rating of 1,500 V ac for one minute. This rating indicates the maximum voltage that can be applied between the coil and the contacts while maintaining proper functionality and insulation.
  • Time to Operate: It have a typical time to operate of 10 ms. This refers to the time it takes for the relay to transition from the resting state to the fully operational state upon receiving a command or control signal. The fast operating time ensures quick and efficient response in control applications that require rapid switching or timing precision.
  • Transient Suppression: Relays 1-6 within the module are equipped with a 250 V metal oxide varistor (MOV) for transient suppression. The MOV acts as a protective device, diverting excessive transient voltages and suppressing voltage spikes that may occur during switching operations or in the presence of electrical disturbances. This MOV helps to ensure the longevity and reliability of the relays and protects them from potential damage caused by voltage transients.
  • Failsafe Feature: The relay outputs incorporate a failsafe feature. In the event of a cable being unplugged or if communication with the associated I/O processor is lost, the failsafe mechanism triggers a vote to de-energize the corresponding relay. This feature helps prevent unintended operation or potentially unsafe conditions when there is a loss of communication or connectivity, enhancing system safety and reliability.

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What is IS230TNRLH1F?
It is a Relay Output Module manufactured and designed by General Electric.

How is the component mounted?
It is designed for DIN rail mounting, which is a standardized system used in industrial applications. It ensures easy and secure installation within control cabinets or panels.

Does the module incorporate redundancy technology?
Yes, it incorporates TMR technology. This ensures high reliability and fault tolerance by utilizing three identical modules working in parallel. If one module fails, the others continue to operate, maintaining system functionality without disruption.

What is the primary function of the product?
The module serves as a Relay Output Module, allowing control of external devices or systems. It provides reliable and robust performance, meeting the requirements of control applications. As part of the Mark VIe Control System, it contributes to precise control and monitoring in various industries.