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IS230TNCIH4C - Contact Input Module

IS230TNCIH4C - Contact Input Module IS230TNCIH4C - Contact Input Module

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Part No.: IS230TNCIH4C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Module
Communication Types: UDH or IONet
Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing
Redundancy: Type Simplex, Dual, TMR
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VIe

Functional Description

IS230TNCIH4C is a Module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe control system.

  • On the board, there are a total of twenty-five metal oxide varistors. The board also includes two three-pin female plug connectors.
    This circuit board can be installed in a VME slot-type rack with thirteen or twenty-one slots. When used in a simplex architecture type system, it will typically be used with a control module, but if the chosen architecture is triple redundant, it will be used with an IONet, main processor card, and the control module.
    The TNCI model can be used with two types of communication: the Unit Data Highway, which is an Ethernet-based LAN type of communication, and the IONet communication. The UDH communication driver is usually associated with the main processor card.
  • While the board contains a number of capacitors, resistors, and other small components, the main visual components of this model are the two terminal blocks, three sub-D pin connectors, two female plug-type connectors, and the twenty-five metal oxide varistors. The two terminal blocks, labeled TB1 and TB2, are located near the board's bottom edge, and the metal oxide varistors are located just above the two terminal blocks. Each of the three sub-D pin connectors, which are located near the top edge of the board, has 37 pins.

System Features

  • A streamlined system architecture is needed for speed control systems for tiny turbines. The usage of simplex control helps to save money and space. The bigger T-type terminal boards used in TMR systems can be replaced by smaller DIN-rail mounted terminal boards. Since the D-type terminal boards directly connect to the control chassis to communicate with the I/O boards, IONet is not required.
  • A VCMI board in the VME rack enables two-way communication between the I/O processor boards and the controller. Other system elements, like an operator interface or PLC, are communicated with using the controller's Ethernet port. The controller Genius port can be used to connect additional PLC I/O to the system.
  • The system employs a low voltage variant of the common VME rack power supply and is powered by 24 V dc. The number of inputs and outputs, as well as the grounding facilities, are different, and the boards do not support TMR, but the signal conditioning on the DIN-type terminal boards is always the same as on the T-type boards, and the I/O standards stated above apply.
  • Space is conserved by using high-density Euro-Block terminal blocks that are permanently mounted. The connectors on the blocks can accommodate up to two or one 12 gauge wires. The most common wire size is 18

Product Attributes

  • Communication Types: UDH or IONet
  • Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
  • Redundancy Type: Simplex, Dual, TMR

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS230TNCIH4C?
It is a Module developed by GE

What is a VME slot-type rack?
A VME (Versa Module Europa) slot-type rack is an enclosure used for housing electronic circuit boards. It provides a standardized interface for connecting various modules together and specifies the mechanical dimensions, power supply requirements, and communication protocols for VME modules.

What is simplex architecture?
Simplex architecture uses a single module or component to perform a specific function without any redundancy or backup. This type of architecture is typically used in applications where system downtime or failure is acceptable.

What is triple redundant architecture?
Triple redundant architecture uses three separate modules or components to perform the same function, providing backup and redundancy in case of failure. This type of architecture is typically used in critical or safety-critical applications.

What is Unit Data Highway (UDH) communication?
Unit Data Highway (UDH) is an Ethernet-based LAN type of communication used in the TNCI model. It is associated with the main processor card and is one of two communication types that can be used with this model.