IS230TICIH4A - TMR Isolated Input Assembly

IS230TICIH4A - TMR Isolated Input Assembly IS230TICIH4A - TMR Isolated Input Assembly

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Part Number: IS230TICIH4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
CE Mark: 230 V
Number of channels: 24
Sub-D Pin Connector: 3
Terminal Block Quantity 2
Size: 17.8 cm high x 33.02 cm wide
Function: TMR Isolated Input Assembly
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS230TICIH4A is a TMR Isolated Input Assembly manufactured and designed by General Electric. It is a part of the Mark VIe Control System. The Isolated Digital Input Terminal Board is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the VCCC board. Its primary purpose is to provide voltage detection capabilities, allowing the monitoring and sensing of voltages across various electrical components such as switches, relay circuits, and fuses. This functionality is crucial for the proper operation and control of electrical systems, providing valuable data for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. The TICI board is engineered to function similarly to the TBCI, but with some notable differences that enhance its performance and versatility. One of the key features that sets the TICI board apart from the TBCI board is the implementation of input hardware filtering. The board incorporates input hardware filtering, which ensures that the detected voltage signals are accurate and free from noise or interference. This filtering mechanism introduces specific time delays for AC and DC applications, enhancing the board's overall performance.


  • The terminal board shares similarities with the TBCI, but it has some distinct features and differences that set it apart. Notably, the component lacks contact excitation capabilities, and each input is electrically isolated from all others and from the active electronics. Additionally, there are two groups of TICI with different nominal voltage thresholds to accommodate various applications.
  • Nominal Voltage Thresholds: It offers two groups with different nominal voltage thresholds.
  • TICIH1 with DC Input Voltage Ranges:
    • 70-145 V DC, nominal 125 V DC, with a detection threshold of 39 to 61 V DC.
    • 200-250 V DC, nominal 250 V DC, with a detection threshold of 39 to 61 V DC.
  • Input Hardware Filtering: TICI provides input hardware filtering to ensure accurate and reliable signal processing. For DC applications, the hardware filtering introduces a time delay of 15 ±8 ms. In AC applications, the time delay is slightly longer at 15 ±13 ms. This filtering helps eliminate noise and ensures consistent performance.
  • Software-Filtered Contact Input State:
    • In addition to hardware filtering, the contact input state is software-filtered using configurable time delays. Users can select time delays of 0, 10, 20, 50, and 100 ms, depending on their specific requirements. For AC inputs, it is recommended to use a minimum filter setting of 10 ms. This software-based filtering further enhances the accuracy and reliability of the contact input state.
    • Creepage and Clearance Restrictions on 230 V RMS Application: For applications involving 230 V RMS, there are specific creepage and clearance restrictions to adhere to:
  • For NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) requirements, these restrictions apply to 230 V single-phase applications. For CE certification, the restrictions apply to both 230 V single-phase and 3-phase applications. By adhering to these guidelines, users can ensure the safety and compliance of the terminal board in their electrical systems.

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What is IS230TICIH4A?
It is a TMR Isolated Input Assembly manufactured and designed by General Electric

What happens if a cable is accidentally unplugged from the terminal board?
If a cable is unintentionally unplugged from the terminal board, the fault detection system will identify it and trigger an alert. This feature helps maintain the integrity of the system by promptly notifying users of any disconnections or potential signal loss.

How does the terminal board handle a failed ID chip on the connected I/O board?
In case the ID chip on the connected I/O board fails, the terminal board's fault detection mechanism will detect this condition and raise an alert. Identifying a failed ID chip is crucial for ensuring the correct configuration and operation of the entire system.