IS230STTCH4A - Thermocouple Input Module

IS230STTCH4A - Thermocouple Input Module IS230STTCH4A - Thermocouple Input Module

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Part No.: IS230STTCH4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Thermocouple Input Module
Number of channels: 12
Thermocouple types: E, J, K, S, T thermocouples, and mV inputs
Span: -8 mV to +45 mV
Technology: Surface-mount
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VIe

Functional Description

IS230STTCH4A is an Thermocouple Input Module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIe control system. The terminal board is a highly efficient and space-saving solution, carefully engineered for easy installation on DIN-rails or flat surfaces. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the connection of 12 thermocouples to either the PTCC thermocouple processor board on the Mark VIe or the VTCC thermocouple processor board on the Mark VI, two cutting-edge systems known for their precision and reliability.


  • One of the outstanding features of the board is its on-board signal conditioning and cold junction reference, which perfectly mirrors the capabilities of the larger board. This ensures that the signals from the thermocouples are accurately processed and that the reference junction temperature remains stable, leading to precise and dependable measurements.
  • To ensure a convenient and robust connection, it is equipped with high-density Euro-Block type terminal blocks that are securely mounted onto the board. These terminal blocks come in two available types, providing flexibility to accommodate different configurations and preferences.
  • Moreover, the integration of an on-board ID chip is a noteworthy advantage of this terminal board. This chip plays a crucial role in identifying the board to the processor, enabling seamless communication and system diagnostics. As a result, troubleshooting and maintenance become more streamlined, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the thermocouple system.
  • Cold junction compensation is a crucial aspect of thermocouple temperature measurement systems. It involves compensating for the temperature at the point where the thermocouple wires connect to the terminal board, known as the cold junction. Since thermocouples generate a voltage proportional to the temperature difference between the measurement point and the cold junction, accurately measuring and compensating for the cold junction temperature is essential to obtain precise temperature readings.
  • In the case of the terminal board, the reference junction temperature is measured at a specific location. This location is carefully selected to ensure representative readings of the cold junction temperature. By measuring the reference junction temperature, the system can compensate for any temperature fluctuations at that location, thereby improving the overall accuracy of the thermocouple temperature measurements.
  • The cold junction temperature accuracy is specified as -17°C. This value represents the level of precision with which the board can measure the temperature at the reference junction. The high accuracy ensures that any variations in the cold junction temperature are taken into account and compensated for, resulting in highly reliable and accurate temperature readings from the thermocouples.
  • To enhance the fault detection capabilities, it employs both high and low limit checks at the hardware level. These checks act as safety measures to ensure that the temperature readings remain within acceptable ranges. If the measured temperature exceeds the specified high or low limits, the system triggers an alert or takes appropriate action to prevent any potential issues.
  • Incorporates an ID chip on the JA1 connector. This chip serves as a unique identifier for the board, allowing the processor to recognize and verify its presence. This functionality is particularly useful for system diagnostic purposes. The ID chip ensures that the correct board is connected to the processor, preventing potential compatibility issues and ensuring that the system operates optimally.


  • Along with a plastic insulator, is ingeniously designed to be mounted on a sturdy sheet metal carrier, which itself can be easily attached to a DIN rail. This smart mounting arrangement ensures a secure and efficient installation process, allowing for hassle-free integration into various systems and setups.
  • Furthermore, the flexibility of the board is evident as it can also be mounted directly onto a sheet metal assembly, which is then conveniently bolted into a panel. This alternative mounting option provides additional versatility, enabling the terminal board to be seamlessly incorporated into control panels or other equipment where space might be a concern.
  • When it comes to wiring, the module offers straightforward connectivity for thermocouples. The thermocouples are directly wired to the terminal block using typical #18 AWG wires, making it easy to establish reliable connections without the need for complex wiring schemes.
  • The Euro-Block type terminal block on the board is a standout feature, boasting an impressive array of 42 terminals. These terminals can be customized to suit specific requirements, offering a combination of fixed or removable options. This adaptability allows for easy maintenance, modifications, or expansions of the thermocouple system, as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS230STTCH4A?
It is an Thermocouple Input Module developed by GE

What is the purpose of the I/O pack or board when connecting board?
The I/O pack or board contains the analog-to-digital converter (A/D converter) and serves as the interface between board and the central processing unit. It facilitates the conversion of analog signals from the thermocouples and the cold junction reference into digital data that can be processed and utilized by the control system.

How is the cold junction reference (CJ) on the terminal board powered and controlled?
The I/O pack or board is responsible for providing excitation to the cold junction reference (CJ) on the STTC. It supplies the necessary power to maintain a stable temperature at the cold junction, ensuring accurate compensation for the thermocouple readings.

What signals are transmitted through connector JA1 between the terminal board and the I/O pack or board?
Connector JA1 is a critical interface between the terminal board and the I/O pack or board. It allows the transmission of the 12 thermocouple signals from the terminal board, along with the cold junction (CJ) signal, which is used for cold junction compensation. Additionally, the connection to the identity chip (ID) is established through this connector for system recognition and diagnostic purposes.