IS230SNTRH4A - Primary Protection DIN-Rail Module

IS230SNTRH4A - Primary Protection DIN-Rail Module IS230SNTRH4A - Primary Protection DIN-Rail Module

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Part No.: IS230SNTRH4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Manual: GEH-6421J
Technology: Surface-mount
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VI

Functional Description

IS230SNTRH4A is an Primary Protection DIN-Rail Module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VI control system. Designed to deliver primary protection functionalities, this DIN-rail module safeguard from potential hazards and critical events. As an part of the Mark VI control system, it seamlessly integrates with other components and modules, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the control system.

TMR Operation

  • In voting systems, a crucial process involves voting on input data and using the voted result in the subsequent calculation pass. This sequence of operations occurs within a fixed time interval known as the frame, ensuring a consistent and uniform rate of operation for the control program.
  • For SIFT systems, a substantial portion of fault tolerance is achieved through software implementation. The advantage of this approach is that software does not degrade over time, ensuring the system's long-term reliability. The SIFT design relies on three identical controllers with provisions for data transfer between them. Through software, data exchange, voting, and output selection can be efficiently executed.
  • While most aspects of the system utilize software solutions, hardware output circuitry requires modification for hardware voting. This integration ensures robust fault tolerance and enhances the overall system's reliability.
  • Each controller in the SIFT system employs identical software, allowing for synchronization and response to an identical copy of itself operating in the other controllers. This coordination is achieved through a distributed executive, composed of the three synchronized programs. The distributed executive efficiently manages all controller operations, including the input, vote, calculate, and output sequences mentioned earlier.
  • Through this sophisticated approach, the SIFT system achieves a high level of fault tolerance, ensuring consistent and accurate data processing. The distributed executive's synchronized control ensures smooth and coordinated operation across all controllers, providing a reliable and effective voting system for critical applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS230SNTRH4A?
It is an Primary Protection DIN-Rail Module developed by GE

Can the system be repaired and restored to normal operation after a ground fault is detected?
Yes, the ground fault detection system alerts operators to the presence of a ground fault. Once identified, the fault can be repaired, allowing the system to be restored to normal operation and ensuring its continued reliability.

Is the power supply redundancy and ground fault tolerance essential for critical applications?
Yes, power supply redundancy and ground fault tolerance are crucial for critical applications that demand continuous operation and high reliability. By providing multiple power sources and detecting ground faults without compromising performance, the system remains resilient and capable of meeting stringent operational requirements.