IS230SNTRH2A - Turbine Protection Board

IS230SNTRH2A - Turbine Protection Board IS230SNTRH2A - Turbine Protection Board

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Part Number: IS230SNTRH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Product type: Turbine Protection Board
Mounting: Din-Rail
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS230SNTRH2A is a Turbine Protection Board developed by General Electric. The component is DDinRail mounted. It involves mounting the board onto a metal rail that provides a secure and standardized platform for installation. The Din-Rail mounting option offers several advantages. The board can be easily snapped onto the Din-Rail without the need for complex mounting brackets or additional hardware.

System ToolboxST

  • System Component Layout: It offers a graphical representation of the Mark VIe control system's component layout. This feature provides a visual overview of the system architecture, including controllers, modules, and their interconnections. It helps users understand the system's structure and organization.
  • Configuration and Editing of Control Application Code: ToolboxST enables users to configure, edit, and view the real-time control application code running on the Mark VIe system. This feature allows for customization and fine-tuning of the control logic to meet specific application requirements. Users can modify parameters, setpoints, and control algorithms through an intuitive interface.
  • EGD Editor: Ethernet Global Data (EGD) is a protocol used for communication between the Mark VIe system and other devices, such as HMI systems or other PLCs. ToolboxST includes an EGD editor that allows users to configure and manage EGD communication parameters. It facilitates seamless data exchange between the system and external devices in a reliable and efficient manner.
  • Hardware Diagnostic Alarm Viewer: The tool provides a hardware diagnostic alarm viewer that displays real-time diagnostic information from the system. It helps users monitor the health and performance of the hardware components, identify potential issues or faults, and take necessary actions to ensure system reliability and availability.
  • Password Protection: Incorporates password protection to ensure secure access to the control system. This feature helps prevent unauthorized access and safeguards sensitive control application code and system settings from unauthorized modifications or tampering.
  • Trending: The trending feature in ToolboxST allows users to monitor and analyze historical data trends from the Mark VIe control system. Users can select and plot specific parameters or variables over a defined time period. This capability aids in system performance analysis, troubleshooting, and identifying patterns or anomalies in the system's behavior.

If you want to learn more, General Electric has a wealth of resources available, including manuals and data sheets. WOC is happy to assist you with any of your GE automation requirements. Please contact us by phone or email for pricing and availability on any parts and repairs.


What is IS230SNTRH2A?
It is a Turbine Protection Board developed by General Electric

What mounting option does the board offer?
It offers the Din-Rail mounting option. This allows for easy and standardized installation of the board onto a metal rail within the control cabinet or enclosure.

What are the advantages of the Din-Rail mounting option?
The Din-Rail mounting option offers several advantages, including easy installation, efficient space utilization, enhanced accessibility for maintenance and replacement, and stability and durability in challenging environments.

What features does the board offer?
The board is equipped with features such as system component layout, the ability to configure, edit, and view real-time Mark VIe control application code, an EGD editor, a hardware diagnostic alarm viewer, password protection, and trending capabilities.