IS230SNPRH2A - Emergency Protection Module

IS230SNPRH2A - Emergency Protection Module IS230SNPRH2A - Emergency Protection Module

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Part No.: IS230SNPRH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Number of channels: 24
Input filter: Hardware filter, 4 ms
Manual: GEI-100473A
Technology: Surface-mount
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Series: Mark VI

Functional Description

IS230SNPRH2A is an Emergency Protection Module developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VI control system. Designed to provide emergency protection, this module plays a role in safeguarding from potential hazards. As part of the Mark VI control system, it seamlessly integrates with other modules and components, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the control system. By continuously monitoring various parameters and signals, the module can rapidly respond to emergencies, triggering protective measures to prevent catastrophic consequences. The module continuously gathers and analyzes real-time data from sensors and inputs throughout the system. Through sophisticated algorithms and logic, it rapidly processes this data to identify potential threats or abnormal conditions. This proactive monitoring ensures prompt responses to any potential hazards, reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Operating Systems

  • In the integrated control and monitoring system, all operator stations, communication servers, and engineering workstations are standardized on the Windows operating system. This choice of operating system ensures seamless compatibility and ease of integration across different components of the system.
  • The Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and servers are equipped with CIMPLICITY software, a robust and versatile platform known for its advanced visualization and control capabilities. CIMPLICITY empowers operators to efficiently monitor and manage various aspects of the industrial processes, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.
  • The engineer's workstation, on the other hand, utilizes specialized toolbox software specifically tailored for system configuration. This software allows engineers to fine-tune and customize the control system, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability to the unique requirements of the industrial processes.
  • The I/O system, with its Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) requirements, employs a proprietary executive system meticulously designed for this special application. This executive system serves as the foundation for the operating system in the VCMI (Vital Control Module Interface) and all the I/O boards. Its specialized design ensures the utmost reliability and fault tolerance necessary for critical industrial applications.
  • In contrast, the controller, which plays a central role in turbine control and protection, operates on the QNX operating system, developed by QNX Software Systems Ltd. QNX is a real-time POSIX-compliant operating system, renowned for its high-speed automation capabilities. It is ideally suited for applications that demand precise timing, responsiveness, and deterministic behavior, making it a perfect fit for turbine control and protection systems.
  • The choice of the QNX operating system enhances the controller's ability to execute time-critical tasks with unparalleled precision. This real-time operating system guarantees that turbine control processes respond swiftly to changing conditions and protection mechanisms are activated promptly to safeguard the equipment and personnel from potential hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS230SNPRH2A?
It is an Emergency Protection Module developed by GE

How is the rack power supply ensured to be reliable?
The rack power supplies are backed by a reliable source of power, which can be provided from multiple options, including a battery, multiple power converters, or a combination of both. This redundancy ensures a continuous and stable power supply to the system, minimizing the risk of downtime due to power failures.

How are the multiple power sources connected to ensure redundancy?
The multiple power sources are connected in a high select configuration in the Power Distribution Module (PDM). This configuration ensures that if one power source fails, the system can automatically switch to an alternate power source without disruption, maintaining continuous operation.

How is a floating dc bus created using a single ground connection?
To create a floating dc bus, a balancing resistor network is employed in the PDM. This network utilizes a single ground connection while generating +62.5 V dc (P125) and -62.5 V dc (N125) from the 125 V dc supply. These voltages are then used to supply power to the system racks and terminal boards.