IS230SNAIH4A - Analog Input Terminal Board

IS230SNAIH4A - Analog Input Terminal Board IS230SNAIH4A - Analog Input Terminal Board

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Part Number: IS230SNAIH4A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Function: Simplex Analog Input Terminal Board
Dimensions: 15.9 cm high x 10.2 cm wide
Weight: 0.64 kg
No. of channels: 12
Product type: PCB
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS230SNAIH4A is a Simplex Analog Input Terminal Board developed by General Electric. It is a part of Mark VIe series. The Simplex Analog Input (STAI) terminal board is a small analog input terminal board that connects to the pack and accepts 10 analog inputs and two analog outputs. The ten analog inputs support two-wire, three-wire, four-wire, and externally powered transmitters. The two analog outputs are 0-20 mA, but one of them can be jumpered to 0-200 mA current. The board is only available in a simplex configuration. Terminal blocks of high density Euro-block type are used.


  • Transmitter Power and Input Selection: Ensures convenience by providing 24 V DC power to all transmitters connected to the terminal board. This power availability streamlines the setup process, eliminating the need for additional power sources for transducers.
  • Moreover, the device allows users to select between current and voltage inputs using jumpers. This feature enables users to adapt the inputs to suit different sensor types and application needs without complicated rewiring.
  • Analog Output Configurations: Includes two analog output circuits to drive external devices or control systems. One of the output circuits is fixed at a standard 4-20 mA range, which is commonly used in industrial control systems to represent varying process values.
  • However, the other output circuit provides greater flexibility. Users can configure it via a jumper to either operate within the 4-20 mA range or utilize a broader 0-200 mA range. This configuration option allows the device to cater to specific application requirements where a wider output range is needed.
  • Limitations on TMR and TBAI Applications: Highly versatile and adaptable for various control scenarios, it has certain limitations. Due to having only one cable connection, the terminal board cannot be utilized for Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) or Triple-Channel Bumpless Automatic (TBAI) applications.
  • TMR and TBAI applications typically require multiple, redundant connections to ensure system reliability and fault tolerance. 

Product Attributes

  • Number of Channels: Offers 12 channels in total, with 10 channels dedicated to Analog Input (AI) and 2 channels for Analog Output (AO). This arrangement provides extensive monitoring and control capabilities, allowing for the measurement and adjustment of multiple parameters simultaneously.
  • Input Span for Transmitters: The Analog Input channels are designed to accept signals from transmitters, with an input span ranging from 1 to 5 V DC. These signals are typically measured across a precision resistor, usually set at 250 ohms, to ensure accurate and reliable data acquisition.
  • Maximum Lead Resistance and Cable Length: Engineered to handle cable lengths up to 300 meters (984 feet) with a maximum two-way cable resistance of 15 ohms. This impressive capacity allows for flexible and extensive system installations, even in large industrial settings.
  • Output Characteristics: The device features Analog Output (AO) channels with 24 V DC outputs, each rated at 21 mA. These outputs are capable of driving external devices and actuating control functions, making them essential for process control and automation.
  • Load on Output Currents: For the Analog Output channels, it specifies two distinct burden values. For a 4-20 mA output with a PAIC (Process and Analog Input/Output Controller) pack, the burden is set at 800 ohms. On the other hand, for a 200 mA output, the burden is reduced to 50 ohms. These burden values ensure that the current signals are accurately delivered to external devices without significant signal degradation.


  • Size: 15.9 cm high x 10.2 cm wide
  • Temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius
  • Technology: Surface mount

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What is IS230SNAIH4A?
It is a Simplex Analog Input Terminal Board developed by General Electric

What is the input span and transmitters of the product?
The input span of the product is 1-5 V dc across a precision resistor (usually 250 W).

What is the maximum lead resistance of the product?
The maximum lead resistance is 15 ohm for two-way cable resistance, with a cable length up to 300 m (984 ft).

What are the outputs of the product?
The outputs of the product are 24 V dc outputs rated at 21 mA each.

What is the load on the output currents?
The load on output currents is 800 ohm burden for 4-20 mA output with PAIC pack and 50 ohm burden for 200 mA output.