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IS220UCSAH1A is a Controller Module manufactured by General Electric used in the series of Mark VIe gas turbine control systems. The UCSA controller is a product line of the stand-alone computers that run the application code. The controller mounts in a panel and communicates with the I/O packs through onboard I/O network (IONet) interfaces. The I/O networks are private special purpose Ethernet that supports only the I/O modules and the controllers. The controller operating system (OS) is QNX Neutrino, a real-time multitasking OS, designed for high speed, high reliability, industrial applications. The UCSA controller platform is available for use in many applications, including balance of plant control and some retrofits. It does not have enough processing power, however for some advanced model-based control applications.

  • The Mark VIe UCSA controller uses compact flash, and is not certified for (IEC61508) safety loop usage, power requirement for the UCSA module is 18 V DC to 32 V DC (12.5 Watts typical Primilinary).
  • Even at its maximum temperature rating, the board can be operated in temperatures ranging from 0 to 65 degrees Celsius and does not require a fan for cooling. NFPA Class 1, Div. 2 applications are possible with this board.
  • The IS220UCSAH1A front faceplate includes six female jack connectors, one USB port, and various LED indications. This contains Link/Act LED indicators on the front panel's left side, as well as a line of indicators in the center of the faceplate, labeled Power, Boot, Online, Flash, DC, and Diag.
  • Ethernet connections are made via jack connectors, allowing the board to interface with other Mark VI, Mark VIe, or EX2100 excitation controls, as well as maintenance and operator stations.

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What is the QNX operating system?

The Real-Time Operating System is at the heart of QNX technology, a fully featured RTOS that enables next-generation solutions in industries such as automotive, medical devices, robotics, transportation, and industrial embedded systems.

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