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IS220UCSAH1A - Embedded Controller Module

IS220UCSAH1A - Embedded Controller Module IS220UCSAH1A - Embedded Controller Module

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Part Number: IS220UCSAH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Embedded Controller Module
Series: Mark VIe
Microprocessor: Freescale Power Pc
Memory: 256 MB DDR SDRAM
Operating System: QNX Neutrino
Power Requirements: +32 V dc to 18 V dc
Operating temperature: 0 to +65°C
Weight: 2 lbs
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEH-6721L


IS220UCSAH1A is an Embedded Controller Module manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VIe Series used in GE distributed turbine control systems. A Power QUICC II Pro Freescale processor running at 667 MHz can be found in the Embedded Controller Module. The UDH is connected by two 10/100BaseTX Ethernet ports, while the IONets are connected via three additional 10/100BaseTX Ethernet ports. The application code is run on the UCCx controllers, a family of single-board, 6U high, CompactPCI® (CPCI) processors. The controller mounts inside a CPCI enclosure, and it uses built-in I/O network interfaces to connect to the I/O packs. The controller's operating system (OS) is QNX Neutrino®, a real-time, multitasking OS created for industrial applications requiring great speed and dependability. I/O, operator, and engineering interfaces can be accessed via the following communication ports:

  • An Ethernet connection for the Unit Data Highway (UDH), is used to connect control systems such as HMIs.
  • The R, S, and T I/O network's Ethernet connection.
  • RS-232C setup connection through the COM1 port.


The controller module includes a controller and a four-slot CPCI rack with one or two power supplies, at the very least. The leftmost slot must contain the principal controller (slot 1). A single rack can hold a second, third, and fourth controller. During storage, the CMOS battery is unplugged via a processor board jumper to prolong the battery's life. The battery jumper needs to be reinstalled when the board is inserted. Refer to the individual UCCx module drawing for the position of the jumpers. The CMOS RAM settings, internal date, and real-time clock are all powered by the battery. Since the BIOS has set the CMOS settings to their default levels, there is no need to change them. Resetting only the real-time clock is necessary. A system NTP server or the ToolboxST application can be used to set the initial time and date.


The controller has software tailored to its use, such as balance-of-plant (BOP) products, land-marine aero derivatives (LM), steam, and gas, among others. It can move blocks or rungs. The R, S, and T IONets are used to synchronize the clocks of the I/O packs and controllers to within 100 microseconds using the IEEE® 1588 standard. Over the R, S, and T IONets, external data is sent to and received from the controller's control system database.

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What is the QNX operating system?

The Real-Time Operating System is at the heart of QNX technology, a fully-featured RTOS that enables next-generation solutions in industries such as automotive, medical devices, robotics, transportation, and industrial embedded systems.

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