IS220PTCCH1A - Thermocouple Input Module

IS220PTCCH1A - Thermocouple Input Module IS220PTCCH1A - Thermocouple Input Module

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Part No.: IS220PTCCH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Thermocouple Input Module
Series: Mark VIe

IS220PTCCH1A is a Thermocouple Input Module developed by GE for the mark VIe series. It connects one or two I/O Ethernet networks to a thermocouple input terminal board via an electrical interface. The pack includes a processor board that is common to all Mark VIe distributed I/O packs, as well as a thermocouple input-specific acquisition board. Each pack in the Simplex setup employing TBTCH1C can handle up to 12 thermocouple inputs, for a total of 24 inputs when two packs are used.

  • Each pack can handle up to 12 thermocouple inputs in the Simplex configuration utilizing TBTCH1B, for a total of 24 inputs if the packs only use the JRA and JTB connectors. Three packs with three cold junctions are used in the TMR configuration with the TBTCH1B terminal board, although only 12 thermocouples are available.
  • Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports and three-pin power input are used to power the pack. The output is a DC-37 pin connector that connects directly to the terminal board connector. Indicator LEDs are used to display visual diagnostics.
  • The module accepts E, J, K, S, and T thermocouples as well as mV inputs. –8 mV to +45 mV is the mV range.

IS220PTCCH1A Compatibility

Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports and three-pin power input are used to power the pack. The output is a DC-37 pin connector that connects directly to the terminal board connector. Indicator LEDs are used to display visual diagnostics. It accepts E, J, K, S, and T thermocouples as well as mV inputs.

IS220PTCCH1A Installation

To install the pack,

  1. Secure the terminal board you want to use.
  2. Connect the PTCC I/O pack to the terminal board connectors directly.
  3. Use the threaded studs close to the Ethernet ports to mechanically secure the packs.
  4. Depending on the system configuration, connect one or two Ethernet wires. The pack can be used with either port. When using dual connections, ENET1 should be connected to the network linked with the R controller.
  5. Connect the pack to the power source by plugging in the connector on the side. Because the I/O pack has an inbuilt soft-start feature that regulates current inrush on power application, it is not essential to disconnect the connection before plugging it in.
  6. Configure the I/O pack as needed using the ToolboxST* application.

IS220PTCCH1A Operation


The processor board is connected to an acquisition board that is appropriate to the purpose of the I/O pack or module. The soft-start circuit ramps up the voltage available on the processor board when input power is applied. The processor reset is removed, and the local power supplies are sequenced on. The CPU runs self-test procedures before loading application code from flash memory that is particular to the I/O pack or module type. To verify that the application code, acquisition board, and terminal board are all correctly matched, the application code reads board ID information.


The Auto-Reconfiguration capability enables the operator to swap I/O packs without having to manually reconfigure each pack or module.
When the Auto-Reconfiguration functionality is activated, a reconfiguration file is automatically downloaded from the controller to the I/O pack when the controller detects an I/O pack booting with a different configuration.

Analog Input Hardware

The thermocouples linked to the terminal board send 12 signals at mV levels to the PTCC input board. Six differential multiplexers, the main multiplexer, and a 16-bit analog to digital converter deliver the digital data to the next processor board make up the analog input portion.


Number of channels
12 channels per pack

Thermocouple types
E, J, K, S, T thermocouples, and mV inputs for PTCCH1 E, J, K, S, T, B, N, R thermocouples, and mV inputs for PTCCH2

-8 mV to +45 mV for PTCCH1 -20 mV to +95 mV for PTCCH2

A/D converter
Sampling type 16-bit A/D converter


The following self-diagnostic tests are carried out by the pack:

  • A self-test after powering up that includes RAM, flash memory, Ethernet ports, and processor board hardware checks.
  • Constant monitoring of internal power supply to ensure proper operation
  • A check of the terminal board, acquisition board, and processor board's electronic ID information to ensure that the hardware set is same.
  • The commanded condition of each relay drive and the feedback from the command output circuit are compared.
  • The pack reads and processes relay board-specific feedback.
  • Using a PGEN pack, continuously monitor multicast communications.

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What are the applications of thermocouples?
Thermocouples are utilized in a wide variety of applications, including household appliances, industrial processes, electric power production, furnace monitoring and control, food and beverage processing, automotive sensors, aviation engines, rockets, satellites, and spacecraft.

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