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Part No.: IS220PPROH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States
Product Type: I/O PACK
Series: Mark VI

Product Description

The IS220PPROH1A is an I/O module designed specifically for turbines. It's made to give you a direct connection to specific turbine field components. Three-speed signals are accepted by this part. Deceleration, acceleration, and Overspeed are all examples of this. Overspeed is also implemented in hardware on this component. The pack uses a set of extensive feedback signals to monitor the status and operation of chosen trip boards. TMR and simplex backup protection are supported by the pack.

  • Two Ethernet ports, a power supply, a local processor, and a data acquisition board are included in the I/O pack. This design simplifies or eliminates much of the previously required instrumentation for connecting to field equipment, as well as improving operational reliability and lowering long-term maintenance costs.
  • The IS220PPROH1A is utilized in Aeroderivative Turbine Emergency Trip applications and is commonly used with the TREAH A terminal board. The component can be connected to terminal blocks that are either barrier or box type. For voltage sensing, the part has field-wiring restrictions that limit cable length to 1,000 feet of 18 AWG wiring. When switching from a BPPB P-Pack to a BPPC P-Pack, the component cannot be auto-reconfigured.
  • The front faceplate of the part is marked with the component id number and many LED indications. These are arranged in pairs on the front faceplate. PWR/ATTN is the first pair, LINK/TxRx and ENET 1 is the second, and LINK/TxRx and ENET2 is the third. The final component is the IR port, which is placed at the bottom of the faceplate.
  • The part is equipped with a high-speed processor and two 10/100 Ethernet ports that are completely independent. A hardware reset circuit and a watchdog timer are included in the pack. An inbuilt sensor keeps track of the temperature.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS220PPROH1A?
IS220PPROH1A is a Turbine specialized IO module developed by GE.

Where are IS220PPROH1A utilized?
The board is utilized in Aeroderivative Turbine Emergency Trip applications and is commonly used with the TREAH A terminal board.

Can IS220PPROH1A be auto-reconfigured when switching a BPPB P-Pack with a BPPC P-Pack?
When switching from a BPPB to a BPPC P-Pack it cannot be auto-configured.

How to obtain the IS220PPROH1A part?
Contact WOC for IS220PPROH1A terminal board or other turbine control requirements.