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Part Number: IS220PDIOH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Function: I/O PACK

The GE IS220PDIOH1A is an I/O pack module for the GE Mark VI Speedtronic Series that has two Ethernet ports, a local CPU, and a data acquisition board. The IS220PDIOH1A comes with two Ethernet ports as well as its own processor. It can be utilized with the IS200TDBSH2A and terminal boards. These I/O packs and terminal boards have been authorized for use in hazardous environments. The IS220PDIOH1A has a 27.4 VDC minimum voltage rating. It has a nominal voltage of 28.0 VDC. Specific field wiring connection instructions for the device and its accompanying terminal boards must be followed, including wire size and screw torque. The IS220PDIOH1A's front panel features LED indicators for both ethernet ports, the unit's power, and an "attn" LED. Relay connections are represented by additional LEDs.

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IS220PDIOH1A has many Ethernet ports?

The IS220PDIOH1A has two Ethernet connections and a processor of its own.

What is the Phone Number for WOC?

Please contact World of Controls FZE for sales at +1 609 385 1231

How to obtain IS220PDIOH1A?

Contact WOC. WOC sells IS220PDIOH1A boards and other turbine control components worldwide.