IS2020RKPSG2A - VME Rack Power Supply

IS2020RKPSG2A - VME Rack Power Supply IS2020RKPSG2A - VME Rack Power Supply

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Part No: IS2020RKPSG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Power Supply Board
Series: Mark VI
Operating temperature: 0 to 60 o C
Input voltage: 125 V
Total Output: 400 W
Board Size: 6.25 in x 4.25 in
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA
Manual: GEH-6421


IS2020RKPSG2A is a VME Rack Power Supply manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VI Series used in GE Speedtronic gas turbine control systems. The VME control and interface racks' sides are where the Mark VI VME rack power supply is mounted. It provides the VME backplane with +5, 12, 15, and 28 V dc as well as an optional 335 V dc output for powering flame detectors attached to TRPG. There are two source input voltage options available. There is a low-voltage version for 24 V dc operation as well as a 125 V dc input supply that is powered by a Power Distribution Module (PDM).

Fig 1: VME Rack Power Supply types G1 and G2 Bottom Views

The VME rack power supply now comes in seven different primary configurations. These variations offer various input and output requirements for power supplies. The RKPSG2 and LVPSG2 are intended to be straight replacements for the RKPSG1 and LVPSG1, respectively, with the number of remote 28 V outputs being the only difference.


A sheet metal bracket holding the power supply in place is attached to the right side of the VME rack. The connections for the dc input, 28 V output and 335 V output are located at the bottom. The status connector is located at the bottom of the more recent design. A wire harness that supplies power to the VME rack mates with two connections, PSA and PSB, at the top of the assembly.

The VME rack is powered by one of the five 28 V dc power modules. The headings for these sections are A, B, C, D, E, and F. An external peripheral device can be powered via the P28C output or PS28 at the base of the power supply. To accomplish this, the jumper plug must be shifted from the Normal position to the Isolated position below, as seen on the bracket to the left of the rack. Only when the controller is mounted in the rack is the fan activated. It receives power from the bracket's top connector, which is on the rack's left side.


The power switch, three status LED indicators, and the power switch are the sole user controls on the VME Rack power supply. The power switch serves as a fault reset when toggled and controls the output voltages of the power supply from the front panel. The presence of a defect, the input power status and normal operation are shown by the yellow, red, and green LEDs, respectively.


An external peripheral device can be powered via the P28C output or PS28 at the base of the power supply. The jumper plug on the bracket to the left of the rack needs to be switched from the Normal position to the Isolated position below in order to accomplish this.

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What is GE Mark VI IS2020RKPSG2A?

IS2020RKPSG2A is a VME Rack Power Supply developed by General Electric and used in gas turbine control systems.

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