IS2020ISUCG1A - Single Unit Controller (UC2000)

IS2020ISUCG1A - Single Unit Controller (UC2000) IS2020ISUCG1A - Single Unit Controller (UC2000)

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Part Number.: IS2020ISUCG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: EX2000 Drive Control
Series: EX2000
Availability: In Stock
Product Dimensions: ‎ 17.5 x 17 x 9.5 inches; 19.3 pounds
Weight: 19.30 pounds

IS2020ISUCG1A is a single unit controller (UC2000) used in drive systems. The UC2000 is a single-unit controller. It contains two microprocessor-based printed wiring boards, a power supply board, and optional Genius and ARCNET expansion daughterboards as follows:

  • Motherboard (DS200UCIA)
  • CPU daughterboard (DS2000UCPB)
  • Power supply board (DS200UPSA)
  • Optional Genius daughterboard(s) (IC660ELB912)

IS2020ISUCG1A Features

Optional remote network OC2000s (Operator Console 2000) can be attached to the DLAN+ to send messages to multiple UC2000s and receive feedback from multiple system components. The UC2000 is programmed for an application using a Windows-based software package called the UC2000 Configurator. This program runs on an IBM PC" type computer. Completed application data is downloaded to the UC2000 through Ethernet. The Configurator can also create logical functions for drive control. These functions can be assigned to an Operator Console (OC2000) interface (keys and displays). Additionally, alphanumeric messages can be displayed on the OC2000 when certain conditions occur.


The UC2000 provides the following connections for external communications:

  • DLAN+ (DLAN using ARCNET) connection for interface to system components and remote operator panels.
  • Ethernet connection for configuration download.
  • RS-232C serial interface connection.


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What is GE EX2000 IS2020ISUCG1A?

The UC2000 is a controller with only one unit. It includes two printed wire boards with microprocessors and a power supply board.

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