IS2020LVPSG1A - VME Rack Power Supply Module

IS2020LVPSG1A - VME Rack Power Supply Module IS2020LVPSG1A - VME Rack Power Supply Module

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Part Number: IS2020LVPSG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Function: VME Rack Power Supply Module
Input voltage: 230V AC
Output voltage: 2.5-7.5V, current up to 4A
Output voltage noise: < 5 mV RMS
Dimension: 261mm x 295mm x 50.8mm
Weight: 2.95 kg
Repair: 3-5 Days
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Manual: GEH-6632


IS2020LVPSG1A is a VME Rack Power Supply Module manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VI Series used in GE Speedtronic Control Systems. The Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) is a modular power supply system for detectors and adjacent electronic circuits for Alice experiments. The basic component of the system is an LVPS module. The LVPS module is designated for 6HE racks, which can according to their size contain 4 (small racks) or 8 (19’’ standard racks) LVPS modules. A backplane of the rack provides the interconnection for communication among the individual LVPS modules and power outputs from the power supplies of the modules. Because of long cables for detector power provision (about tens of meters), the power supplies have to cover power consumption not only of detectors but also losses on the long cables.

Each detector will be provided by an analog voltage stabilizer and the output voltage of the power supplies has to be controlled to ensure reasonable enough voltage for the detector stabilizer concerning the immediate detector power consumption (in a time interval of 10 ms) and corresponding losses on the cables. The voltage on the detector stabilizer is acquired through sense inputs evaluated by a microcomputer, which is responsible for the proper output voltage adjustment. The microcomputer also measures the current on all power outputs to provide the current limitation according to the user’s requirements. To satisfy energy consumption during short current peaks (microseconds), it is necessary to install proper capacitors (about miliFarads) on the detector stabilizer voltage inputs.


A VME (Versa Module Europa) rack power supply module typically serves as a critical component in a VME chassis, providing power to the various modules installed within the rack. The features of a VME rack power supply module may include:

  • Voltage Regulation: Precise voltage regulation to ensure a stable and reliable power supply to the VME modules.
  • Output Power: Specification of the maximum power output capacity, often expressed in watts or volts-amps.
  • Input Voltage Range: The acceptable range of input voltages that the power supply can handle, ensuring compatibility with different power sources.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency rating, indicates how effectively the power supply converts input power to usable output power.
  • Output Channels: Number of output channels to provide power to multiple modules simultaneously.
  • Overcurrent Protection: Protection mechanisms to prevent damage due to excessive current flow.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Safeguards against voltage spikes that could harm the connected modules.
  • Remote Monitoring: Capability for remote monitoring of power supply status, allowing for proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

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What is a VME Rack Power Supply Module?

A VME Rack Power Supply Module is a component designed to provide stable and regulated power to various modules installed in a VME chassis. VME (Versa Module Europa) is a widely used standard for modular computing systems.

What Voltage Range Does a VME Rack Power Supply Module Support?

The voltage range varies, but typical VME Rack Power Supply Modules support input voltages within a specified range, ensuring compatibility with different power sources.

How Many Output Channels Does a VME Rack Power Supply Module Have?

The number of output channels varies, but a VME Rack Power Supply Module typically has multiple channels to supply power to different modules concurrently.