DS4815COME - Dual Communication Driver Module

DS4815COME - Dual Communication Driver Module DS4815COME - Dual Communication Driver Module

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Part Number: DS4815COME
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product type: Dual Communication Driver Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

DS4815COME is a dual communication driver module designed and developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark IV control system.


  • Each corner of the unit is factory drilled. For alignment, the edges are marked. Furthermore, the board has several codes on its surface that should provide additional information about the proper installation location as well as proper wiring.
  • Extractor clips are installed in the unit's two leading corners. These have several advantages. For starters, they provide a place for installers to hold the board during installation. When it's time to replace the board, extractor clips can also pull it from its position within the rack. Finally, the clips aid in the retention of the board after it has been installed.
  • LED indicators, test points, resistor network arrays, Augat connectors, and jumper switches are also visible on the surface. The board also includes numerous integrated circuits such as NOR gates and hex/quad d-type flip-flops.

Functional Description

  • Dual Communication: The module supports two different communication protocols allowing the turbine control system to communicate with other systems and devices using different communication networks.
  • Data Conversion: The module performs data conversion between different communication protocols to ensure that data is accurately transmitted and received by the devices on both ends.
  • Communication Status Indication: The module provides communication status indication through various LED lights to enable quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Device Diagnostics: The module provides advanced device diagnostic capabilities, such as device fault detection, which helps diagnose and isolate communication issues within the turbine control system.

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What is DS4815COME?
It is a dual communication driver module designed and developed by GE.

Is the unit pre-drilled for installation?
Yes, the unit is factory drilled at each corner point for installation.

Are there markings on the edges of the board for alignment?
Yes, the edges of the board are marked for alignment.

Are there extractor clips installed on the board?
Yes, there are extractor clips installed in the board's two leading corners.