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DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A - Power Supply/LAN Interface Board

DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A - Power Supply/LAN Interface Board DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A - Power Supply/LAN Interface Board

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Part Number: DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Power Supply/LAN Interface Board and Firmware
Series: EX2000
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A is a Power Supply/LAN Interface Board with firmware manufactured by General Electric as part of the EX2000 series used in excitation control systems. With on-board EEPROMS that update the firmware appropriately, it is an improved version of the DS200UPLAG1A.

DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A Features

There is a single reset button, 28 jumpers, and 2 banks of configuration switches on the board. Additionally, there are 2 indicator LEDs and 1 fuse on the GE Drive Systems UPLAG Board. One green Power On LED, which illuminates when power is present on the board, is found on the GE Drive Systems UPLAG Board. When the LED is not lighted, power is not present. A board problem is shown by the 1 red LED. It is best practice to initially hit the reset button on the board if an error has occurred. By pressing this button, the board's processing can be restarted without the board losing power. Restarting your computer might fix any errors that have happened.

DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A Hardware Components

The following are the major hardware components of this UPLA board:

  • 115/230 V ac, 50/60 Hz to 24 V, and a 5 V switching power supply
  • Power-on reset and 5 V Undervoltage detect
  • Microprocessor core
  • Flash (non-volatile) memory capability
  • DLAN+ interface port
  • RS-232C serial port

When the reset button is pressed during power up or whenever the 5 V logic supply voltage falls below 4.6 V, the reset is initiated.


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What is EX2000 DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A?

DS215UPLAG1BZZ01A is a Drive Systems UPLAG Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the EX2000 series used in excitation control systems.

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