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Part No.: DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Frimware
Series: Mark V

DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A is a Drive Board Module under Mark V series. The DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A is a circuit board component developed by General Electric for use in their Mark V gas/steam turbine control system. The MKV was a member of GE's Speedtronic range, which debuted in the late 1960s and evolved throughout the century. While Mark V circuit boards are no longer available as OEM parts, they can be ordered as fully inspected and refurbished units from World of Controls.

  • This board, like other DS215 boards, has more firmware or hardware than a similar-named DS200 board. The DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A is simple to install due to factory-made drill holes in each board corner. Additional drill holes can be found along the board's edges and within the board's body. For easy alignment, the unit's borders are marked with lettering and/or numbering, and it contains multiple codes for identification.
  • A vertically placed auxiliary board populates the board. The auxiliary board is located in the bottom left corner of the board, close to a second optional auxiliary board that mounts parallel to the board's surface.
  • A single female vertical connection, four male vertical pin cable connectors, and three header connectors are among the board's connectors. Two heat sinks, an inductor coil, fourteen jumper switches, fuse components, a push-button reset switch, LED indicators, and transistors are all found on the board.
  • It has about fifty integrated circuits, twenty resistor network arrays, and a variety of diodes, resistors, and capacitors constructed of polyester vinyl, ceramic, aluminum, and tantalum electrolytic materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A?
DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A is a Drive Board Module under the Mark V series.

Which are the connectors on DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A?
The DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A contains a female vertical connector, three header connectors, and four male vertical pin cable connectors.

How to Obtain DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A?
World of Controls provides DS215DMCAG2AZZ02A as well as other turbine control products. Call World of Controls.