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DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A - Firmware Board

DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A - Firmware Board DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A - Firmware Board

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Part No.: DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: UDSAG1 Circuit Board and Firmware
Series: Mark V

DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A is a UDSAG1 Circuit Board and Firmware under Mark V series. One 80196 microprocessor and many erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules are included in the board. There are additionally 21 4-character displays and 32 LEDs on the GE EX2000 Firmware Board DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A.

  • The instruction code and other code that the microprocessor utilizes to process information is stored in EPROM modules. The board receives signals via the signal cables attached to the board. The signals are processed by the microprocessor, which then sends the updated signals to other boards or devices in the drive.
  • In addition, the display modules display information on the board's activity, and the LEDs also give information. The information can be viewed from the drive board cabinet while the drive is running. When a board is replaced, the optimal result is for the replacement board to function exactly like the one it is replacing.
  • As a result, the drive may start processing as it was before the replacement, and there will be no further delays at the site. One key worry is that the replacement board's instruction code and firmware on the EPROM modules must be identical to the defective board's in order for the board to function properly.
  • It is, however, simple to transfer the modules from the old board's EPROM sockets to the replacement board's sockets. On one end, insert a tool into the gap between the module and the socket. Then, to release the module, lift up the tool. Rep the procedure on the opposite end of the module.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A?
DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A is a UDSAG1 Circuit Board and Firmware under Mark V series.

How the signals are received by DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A?
The board receives signals via the signal cables attached to the board.

How to Obtain DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A?
WOC provides DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.