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Part No.: DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: LAN Communications Card
Series: Mark V

The DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A is a LAN communications card created by General Electric for the Mark V board series. Communication between the drive and local area networks is aided by circuits, both isolated and non-isolated (LAN). This LAN card allows users to communicate with the drive over a network. The card contains a microprocessor as well as onboard system memory. Only DLAN network communications are supported by this device.

  • The main microprocessor on the card is the LAN control processor or LCP. This LCP offers network communications access to the drive-through DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A. Two EPROM areas on board are used to store LCP software. The communication space between the CPU and the drive control processor is provided by additional RAM memory.
  • All system interface points for the board are provided by connections across the board. Point 2PL is used to connect power supplies, whereas point 3PL is used to access the drive controller card. At point 10PL, LAN I/O terminal boards connect to the LCP. On the board, there is also DLAN network access.
  • A connected module programmer provides access to system parameters, diagnostics, and settings. Users can change and examine data using the associated alphanumeric keypad.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which networks does the DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A have?
With the circuitry on the DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A, the drive can only be connected to DLAN networks. The DS215SLCCG1A SLCC group can connect to both the DLAN and ARCNET networks, however, the DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A can only connect to the DLAN network, as indicated by the G2 in the model number.

What are the connectors on the DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A?
Through five connectors, the DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A communicates with other controller boards, external signals, and the network. The DS215SLCCG2AZZ01A has 2PL, 3PL, ARCPL, 10PL, and KPPL connectors.