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Part Number: DS215SDCCG3AZZ01B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Firmware

The General Electric DS215SDCCG3AZZ01B is a drive control card designed for the Mark V series of boards. This card contains the primary control circuitry as well as the system software, and it can be used for drive applications for the AC2000, DC2000, and EX2000 series drives. The board is made up of three microprocessors and a dual-port RAM. A drive control processor, a motor control processor, and a co-motor processor are among the microprocessors. The DCP processes peripheral functions such as analog and digital I/O, as well as programs such as address decoders, wait-state generators, and interrupt controllers.

  • The MCP performs motor control and system I/O functions; however, if the MCP's processing power is insufficient to perform control algorithms, the CMP will take over. The CMP processor has the additional processing power needed to perform advanced mathematical calculations.
  • Storage space is integrated into the five memory chips found on the drive; operators are able to view fault codes that occur using the bank of ten onboard LEDs. Codes will display to users in either binary coded decimal or binary form.
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What type of Jumpers does DS215SDCCG3AZZ01B use?

The drive Control card uses movable hardware jumpers and wire jumpers.

How many Microprocessors are in this drive control board?

There are three microprocessors and dual-port RAM.

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