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DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B - Interface Board with Firmware

DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B - Interface Board with Firmware DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B - Interface Board with Firmware

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Part Number: DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2000
Product type: Interface Board with Firmware
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B is an interface board with firmware developed by GE. It is a part of EX2000 excitation system.


  • It is pre-drilled at each corner for mounting. The board's surface is covered in connectors, including two small terminal strips with three connections each, ten vertical pin cable connectors with varying pin counts, six vertical header connectors, and several stab-on connectors.
  • Other board components include five fuses in fuse holder clips, a potentiometer, and jumper switches, as well as over four dozen resistor network arrays. The TP test points on the board are primarily located on the right board edge, where users can connect test clips to check voltage levels.

System Overview

  • The main processor and LAN Communication Card are included in an EX2000 system. It also has a programmer module (keypad and display) and communication inputs to the exciter that are both isolated and non-isolated.
  • This card also includes automatic voltage regulator, field voltage regulator, field current limit regulator, volts/hertz limit regulator, reactive current compensation, under excitation limit regulator, built-in diagnostic display panels, and an operator control simulator.
  • The separate control simulator is a sophisticated system program that models the field and generator behavior and is located within the core software. In the microprocessor application card, signals representing the field and generator feedback are simulated and fed to the transducing algorithms in place of the real feedback.

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What is DS215GGIAG1BZZ01B?
It is an interface board with firmware developed by GE

How to obtain GGIA?
Contact WOC. We provide drive control series components and other GE OEM components.