IS220YDOAS1A - Discrete Output Pack

IS220YDOAS1A - Discrete Output Pack IS220YDOAS1A - Discrete Output Pack

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Part No.: IS220YDOAS1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Number of buffered outputs: 14
N28 ripple: 280 mV pk
N28 maximum current: 400 mA
Temperature rating: 0 to 60 oC
Product Type: Discrete Output Pack
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VIeS

Functional Description

IS220YDOAS1A is a discrete output pack developed by GE. It is a part of Mark VIeS control system. The I/O pack serves as a crucial electrical interface, facilitating seamless connectivity between one or two I/O Ethernet networks and a discrete output terminal board. Its design encompasses a common processor board along with an acquisition board explicitly tailored to the discrete output function, ensuring efficient and precise operation.

Functionality and Capabilities

  • Primarily, the pack exhibits remarkable capability, enabling control over a maximum of 12 relays.
  • Its operational scope extends to accepting terminal board-specific feedback, providing a comprehensive and versatile solution for diverse application needs. Notably, it accommodates various electromagnetic relay types, such as TRLYS1B, D, and F terminal boards, thereby enhancing adaptability.

Input and Output Interfaces

  • The I/O pack efficiently interfaces with external components through a dual RJ-45 Ethernet connector setup, bolstered by a three-pin power input mechanism.
  • Output functionality is facilitated via a DC-37 pin connector, establishing a direct and reliable connection with the associated terminal board connector. This streamlined interface architecture ensures seamless transmission and reception of signals.

Diagnostic Features

  • Incorporated within the I/O pack are indicator LEDs that serve as visual diagnostic aids. These LEDs play a pivotal role in providing real-time status updates and alerts, enhancing the overall monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of the system. Their presence significantly contributes to the ease of identifying and resolving potential issues promptly.
  • It stands as an indispensable component, offering a robust electrical bridge between Ethernet networks and discrete output terminal boards. With its versatile relay control, diverse compatibility with terminal boards, and intuitive diagnostic features, it serves as a reliable and adaptable solution for various industrial and technological applications.


  • Terminal Board Mounting: Securely mount the preferred terminal board onto the designated space.
  • YDOA Connection: For simplex operation, directly plug in one YDOA. For TMR, connect three YDOAs into the terminal board connectors.
  • Pack Securing Process: Mechanically secure the packs utilizing the threaded studs located adjacent to the Ethernet ports. These studs fit into a mounting bracket specific to the terminal board type. Adjust the bracket's positioning to ensure there is no right-angle force exerted on the DC-37 connector linking the pack and terminal board. This adjustment is typically a one-time requirement throughout the product's lifespan.
  • Ethernet Cable Connection: Plug in one or two Ethernet cables based on the system configuration. The I/O pack functions seamlessly over either port. When using dual connections, it's recommended to link ENET1 to the network associated with the R controller.
  • Power Application: Apply power to the pack by inserting the connector on the side of the I/O pack. The pack's inherent soft-start capability regulates current inrush during power application, eliminating the need to remove power from the cable before inserting the connector.
  • Configuration with ToolboxST Application: Utilize the ToolboxST application to configure the YDOA according to specific operational requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS220YDOAS1A?
It is a discrete output pack developed by GE under the Mark VIeS series.

What is the role of the YDOA relay command signals?
They serve as the initial stage for signal conditioning and level shifting, facilitating the connection of terminal board outputs to control logic.

How are the YDOA relay outputs structured?
Each output operates as an open-collector transistor circuit and includes a current monitor to detect when the output is connected to a load.

How are output statuses indicated?
The status LEDs and monitor outputs signal when an output is engaged and connected to the terminal board.

What self-tests are conducted during power-up?
It performs various checks during power-up, including examinations of RAM, flash memory, Ethernet ports, and the hardware of the processor board.

How are internal power supplies monitored?
The internal power supplies are continuously monitored to ensure they are functioning correctly.

What checks ensure hardware and code compatibility?
The pack verifies the electronic ID information from the terminal board, acquisition board, and processor board to ensure hardware compatibility. Additionally, it checks if the application code loaded from flash memory aligns with the detected hardware set.