IS2020JPDBG02 - AC Power Distribution Board

IS2020JPDBG02 - AC Power Distribution Board IS2020JPDBG02 - AC Power Distribution Board

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Part Number: IS2020JPDBG02
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VIe
Product Type: AC Power Distribution Board
Number of channels: 6
Board Rating: 115/230 V ac
Input Span: 1-5 V dc
Outputs: 24 V outputs
Technology: Surface Mount
Maximum Lead Resistance: 15Ω
Output load: 500 Ω
Analog output current: 0-20 mA
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 °C
Size: 26.41 cm High x 21.33 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEH-6721L


IS2020JPDBG02 is an AC Power Distribution Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VIe Series used in GE Distributed Control Systems. The JPDB board for ac power distribution regulates, watches over, and disperses ac power. Two line filters and an IS200JPDB circuit board are included in the module. Two separate ac distribution circuits, each rated for 20 A at 115 or 230 V ac, are included in the module. To prevent PPDA alerts when only one source of ac power is available, the input circuits should be wired in parallel. There is one fused output and three fused and switched branch circuit outputs for each circuit. There is a connection available for a JPDF 125 V dc distribution module that is optional. The IS200JPDB features status feedback for all fused circuits as well as passive monitoring circuits for both ac magnitudes. On connector P1, which is suitable for cable connection to a board containing a power diagnostic PPDA I/O pack, are the monitoring circuits. The P2 port on the IS200JPDB allows monitoring signals from other power distribution system cards to be passed through.


The JPDE, JPDF, JPDS, and JPDM feedback signal P1 and P2 connections on the IS2020JPDB are compatible, creating a PPDA I/O pack. The ac input on the JPDF module bearing the same name can be used with connector JAF2.


The IS2020JPDB module is base-mounted vertically on a metal rear base in a PDM cabinet. The system Protective Earth and the IS2020JPDB sheet metal must be connected. For the first ac circuit, input power is provided to terminals AC1H (line) and AC1N (neutral), and for the second ac circuit, AC2H (line) and AC2N (neutral). It is necessary for the neutral connectors on both ac inputs to be grounded. The system's output circuits are linked in accordance with the documentation.

A 50-pin ribbon cable is needed to link the JPDB connection P1 to the P2 connector on the board housing the PPDA if the power distribution system has a PPDA power diagnostic I/O pack. Other core PDM boards may be connected by using the P2 connector for this connection.


Through metal mounting supports attached to the metal module's underlying sheet metal, the JPDB is grounded. On JPDB, the metal switch bodies are grounded. The feedback signals showing on P2 are also generated using the ground as a local reference point. The module's sheet metal is shielded from the surface it is mounted on. The purpose of doing this is to make it possible to define the JPDB ground independently of the mounting surface. JPDB is often mounted on a back base that is grounded to FE. JPDB would be placed low in the cabinet, and PE would get a separate ground wire from the JPDB module.


A terminal board on the right side of the JPDB module has two ac power sources linked to it. Under the IS200JPDB circuit board, the ac power is directed to the ac line filter assembly. The J1 connector on the JPDB circuit board is connected to the filter assembly by a wire harness. The circuit board for the IS2020JPDBG01 module is the IS200JPDBH1A. Since J1 is attached directly to the output branch circuits, this board does not have a connection for an ac source selector.

The IS200JPDBH2A circuit board is used by the IS2020JPDBG02 module. An ac source selector is required for use with the board. The JSS1 connector is mounted to the board in it. JSS1 receives external filtered ac from connector J1. To power the branch circuit outputs, the source selector output returns to the JSS1. Two DACA power conversion modules are powered by JAF1 directly feeding power from input connector J1 to a neighboring, optional JPDF board. For use as an ac backup for systems using a 125 V dc battery, the DACA modules convert ac power to 125 V dc.


  • Two screw terminal pairs for ac input are located on a terminal strip (TB1) mounted with the JPDB module. These terminals have a 20 A RMS rating. A 30 A circuit breaker is the maximum size for branch circuit protection. For each of the two ac circuits feeding JAF1, the rating is 115/230 V ac, 20 A. There is a grounded neutral connection in the circuits.
  • Power from line filters is received by a nine-position Mate-N-Lok connector, J1, and sent to the JPDB board. To sustain the current rating, two pins are used for each connection point. A wire harness for J1 is included with the module. For appropriate hookup, refer to prior wiring schematics.
  • Direct ac power output is provided by a five-position Mate-N-Lok connector, JAF1. The JPDF board's connector and this one are identical. Ac current flows through the JPDF board, which uses DACA modules to convert ac to dc.
  • An external ac source selector can be connected to the JPDBH2A board via the JSS1 nine-position Mate-N-Lok connector. On the JPDBH1A board, neither the JSSI connector nor a source selector connection is present.
  • Each ac circuit has two un-switched ac outputs, designated JA1 and JA2, that are connected to optional JPDA branch circuit boards via a three-pin Mate-N-Lok connector. The circuits have a 10 A/250 V rating and are fused.

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