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9905-707 - Digital Synchronizer and Load Control

9905-707 - Digital Synchronizer and Load Control 9905-707 - Digital Synchronizer and Load Control

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Part Number: 9905-707
Manufacturer: Woodward
Features: Reduced Upgrade Level
Input Voltage: 120Vac
Power Supply Input: (18 to 32) V (dc)
Max Nodes per Bus: 64 (0 to +70 °C)
Network to I/O channel: 277 V (ac)
Potential Voltage Range: 80-150
Signal to Actuator: 0 to 200 mA
Maximum Stub Length: 300 mm (+40 to +85 °C)
Dimensions: 460.65mm x 264.16mm x 58.42mm
Network Isolation: 0–60 Hz: 1000 Vrms
Power Source: 95-130
Speed Sensing: 1 to 30 Vac
Power Consumption: 14 W
Output Voltage Rating: 24VDC, 16A
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Operating Temperature: -40 to 158 F
Weight: 6lbs
Manual: 02006


9905-707 is a Digital Synchronizer and Load Control manufactured and designed by Woodward. The Woodward DSLC control is a microprocessor-based synchronizer and load control intended for use with three-phase AC generators fitted with suitable automated voltage regulators from Woodward or other manufacturers. The DSLC control is an efficient yet powerful unit that combines a synchronizer, a load sensor, a load controller, a dead bus closing mechanism, and optionally a VAR/PF and process controller. Phase matching or slip frequency automatic synchronizing are both provided by the DSLC control. The DSLC control connects to your automatic voltage regulator to match voltages prior to paralleling and communicates through your LON (Local Operating Network using Echelon LonWorks®* network technology) to ensure safe dead bus shutting.


  • Reduces wiring between the automatic loading controls, the load control, and the synchronizer.
  • The necessity for redundant sensors (such PTs, CTs, and MOPs) that connect to separate modules like the load sensor and synchronizer is removed by having functionalities combined into a single box.
  • By enabling the user to configure the control before the system is turned on, hand-held programming shortens the installation and calibration times.
  • During installation and troubleshooting, an operator can monitor generator characteristics, contact switches, and analog I/O.
  • Digital communications across the LON reduce susceptibility to noise on the load-sharing lines


  • ISOLATED BUS: The LON is used by the DSLC control to communicate and share proportional real and reactive loads. Reactive loads (kVAR) are shared by matched power factors, and real loads (kW) are regulated using percentages of full loads for each machine. The DSLC control balances loads while maintaining a specific bus voltage and frequency.
  • UTILITY PARALLEL: The DSLC control gauges the generator's actual load (kW) and modifies the speed control to meet a predetermined base load or regulates a process at a user-selected, externally adjustable set-point. With an MSLC, it can be set to a constant import/export level ( Master Synchronizer and Load Control). The DSLC control can additionally monitor and preserve a predetermined power factor or a specified reactive load.
  • TRANSITION BETWEEN MODES: The DSLC control will transition between modes at a user-selected rate until it is within 5% of its objective. Afterward, it switches to dynamic control, allowing changes in an operating mode without any bumps. Also, once the real load mode is changed to or from an isolated load-sharing application, the DSLC control automatically switches to VAR/PF mode.

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