9905-969 - Linknet 6 Channel Analog Input Module (4-20mA)

9905-969 - Linknet 6 Channel Analog Input Module (4-20mA) 9905-969 - Linknet 6 Channel Analog Input Module (4-20mA)

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Part Number: 9905-969
Manufacturer: Woodward
Dimensions: 14W x 11H x 4D
Display Type: 2 line x 24 characters
Accuracy: 1 % at 25 °C
Power Supply Input: (18 to 32) V (dc)
Network to I/O channel: 277 V (ac)
Power supply input to network: 277 V (ac)
Power supply input to I/O channel: 500 V
Humidity Standards: 20 and 55 °C at 95% for 48hrs
Input Voltage: +24 Vdc at 1 A
Keypad/Display: 30 Multi-function Keypad
Temperature Range: (–40 to +55) °C
Weight: 9.11 lbs
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States


9905-969 is a Linknet 6 Channel Analog Input Module (4-20mA) manufactured and designed by Woodward. The NetCon control system can use low-cost, simple-to-implement distributed I/O capabilities thanks to the LINKnet distributed I/O network. LINKnet I/O modules are ideally suited for non-turbine control tasks like sequencing and monitoring even though they are slower and less potent than NetCon I/O modules.


A single NetCon module powers the network, which consists of four autonomous network trunks with up to 60 I/O modules each. Each trunk's nodes, or LINKnet modules, are each connected to the NetCon controller module by a single twisted pair wire. Hence, a single NetCon controller module can connect to as many as 240 LINKnet modules—each of which has numerous I/O channels—via four twisted pair lines.

The NetCon controller module's four channels can each operate in a distinct rate group. The MOE* coder program will define the rate group for each channel. A network's nodes will all operate at the same speed.

Two rotary switches on each LINKnet module are used to configure the network address. The network address specified for this node in the MOE coder must match the module number (1 to 60) when these switches are installed.


There is a single, plug-in NetCon module and numerous I/O modules in every network. Thermocouple, RTD, discrete, (4 to 20 mA), and other I/O modules are included, as are relay output and (4 to 20 mA) I/O modules. Six channels are present on each of the analog modules. Eight channels make up the relay output module, whereas 16 channels make up the discrete input module.

For DIN rail mounting, each I/O module is enclosed in a plastic Phoenix field termination module package. The modules can be installed within the control cabinet or elsewhere nearby the turbine that is convenient and fits the temperature and vibration requirements.

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What is a Linknet 6-Channel Analog Input Module?

A Linknet 6-Channel Analog Input Module is a hardware device used in industrial and automation systems to interface with analog sensors or devices. It typically provides six analog input channels for measuring various physical parameters, such as voltage or current.

What types of analog signals can it handle?

A typical 6 Channel Analog Input Module can handle a range of analog signals, including voltage signals (0-10V, -10V to +10V), current signals (4-20mA), and other custom voltage or current ranges.

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